Job Description Project

Purpose of this assignment: As a student in Human Resource Management it is very important that you have the skills to prepare job descriptions. Job descriptions are very important documents and are used by all individuals involved in the human resource aspects of any organization. You are currently “employed” in the job of “student” for FTCC. For this assignment you are to think “outside of the box” while thinking about your “job”; then conduct a job analysis and prepare the job description.
Job analysis involves the identification and description of what is happening on the job. This is normally accomplished by collecting and analyzing data from the current job. This is normally accomplished through:
Interviews with job holders and/or supervisors
Observation of job holders
Questionnaires completed by job holders and/or supervisors
Diary/logs kept by job holders
Combination of the above
Job descriptions in general are written statements which describe the:
Overall position
Essential functions of job described
Required knowledge, skills, and abilities
Required education and experience
Physical demands
Work environment

The Assignment

Complete a job analysis: For this assignment, it is recommended that you obtain data from a minimum of three of your peers and, if possible, one instructor. This work will not be turned in, however, you will be required to provide a list of your respondents.
*NOTE: Please be respectful of the instructor’s time. Call/email a request for an interview or for their participation
on a questionnaire. Notify them of the project you are working on; time requirements expected (should be no
more than 15 minutes); and stay on target during the interview. If you are using a questionnaire I have no problem
with a group (or the entire class) developing one questionnaire and sharing your resources if properly
documented. You will probably receive more cooperation from the faculty if the number of individual requests
are limited.

Complete a job description: Using the information compiled from the job analysis; use the prompts provided below to help develop your job description. Please notes these are not categories of the job description, however, furnishing the information from these prompts/ questions will provide guidance in what the instructor is looking for. This assignment should be typed in 12-point font (Times New Roman, Arial or Courier), appropriate headings should be highlighted (bolded). The job description should be no less than one page and no more than three pages. For this portion of the assignment each student is to work independently and submit their own work.
Provide a summary of process: Once you have completed your job analysis and job description, prepare a brief synopsis of how you accomplished your task. This document does not need to be submitted as a separate file, however, please use a separate page.
FTCC Student Job Description
FTCC Mission Statement: Serve our community as a learning-centered institution to build a globally competitive workforce supporting economic development.

Minimum Qualifications:
What is/are the minimum requirement(s) to be a student at FTCC? Remember to think beyond admission requirements to the qualities/characteristics of an entry-level college student.
What skills must a student possess prior to fulfilling this job?
What specific skills or specialized knowledge or experience must a student have, if any?
What resources must a student have to be a successful candidate for this job, if any?
Duties & Responsibilities:
Create a detailed summary of the role, duties and responsibilities of a student at FTCC.
Think about the essential functions of a student.
What are the expected relationships with peers, FTCC staff, faculty, and your academic advisor?
What are the technical duties of a student?
Scope of Responsibilities:
The days and hours of work required?
If paid to be a full-time student at FTCC what is an appropriate hourly wage and why? Is there a possibility of a wage or a promotion?
What is the period of employment? Are there any breaks? Explain.
To whom is the employee held accountable. (Think about requirements for graduation).
Learning Opportunities:
What does “the college experience” mean?
How do you suspect a student will be changed as a result of the college experience?
What are the benefits of a college degree?
How should a student supplement his/her college experience beyond the classroom? (Are there any benefits for participation in extra-curricular activities?)
How will this job enhance the student’s education or future career track? (Think professional development, career-pathing)
Personal Outcomes:
The college uses a grading system to determine a student’s academic standing. How will you be able to communicate to your future employer that you have been at least a “good” student.
As a result of your college graduation, what should you be able to do/know, upon graduation?
To print a copy of the assignment for easy reference view the attached file.title Job Description Assignment Handout.
To view information needed to prepare a job description view Preparing Job Descriptions and Selection Criteria (opens in new window)
Click to view A Job Description Template A Job Description Template – Alternative Formats (opens in new window)
For additional resources on preparing a job description view:
How to Write a Job Description in 5 Steps (YouTube) (opens in new window)
How to Write a Job Description: Key Words Resume: Small Business Hiring Tips (YouTube) (opens in new window)
This link provides great information and page 8 contains a list of action verbs to use in your statements.
Page 8 of the link below contains a list of action verbs.
If you need addtional help with your writing please feel free to check out the Student Learning Center’s web page on the FTCC home page. You will find information regarding their hours of operation and also, if you are a distance student, the option for an online tutoring resource available to all FTCC students.
Formatting Requirments:
Use one-inch margins and 12-point font, Times New Roman, Courier or Arial are preferred fonts.

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