Is the article still relevant today in today’s American Political Culture and climate?

500-750 words
is this article still relevant today in today’s American Political Culture and climate? Support your position with at least three examples of why or why it is not drawing from specific points in the essay and specific examples you identify in today’s American political culture and climate.

The whole article if need it is The Paranoid style in American politics by Richard Hofstadter (free)
But our essay has to be over the 12 page one, I also included with the files

Any facts or info used in the article must have a reference
Example: as said “Tim found an apple” (paragraph 1)

Govt. 2305 Reaction paper Instructions Fall 2021


Students will complete two (2) reaction papers during the semester regarding articles, videos, or podcasts about politics or current events during the semester. Students will write a reaction essay regarding the selected article with a word count of 500 to 750 words.


The purpose of a reaction article is to develop your critical thinking skills and analysis of another’s position and develop a supported counterargument to their position. Students should be able to synthesize the key positions and support presented by the author(s) in a concise manner. Students will then react to the position(s) of the author(s) and their support (with facts and or specific reasons) why the student believes the author(s) have or have not provided sufficient support for their position. The paper should address specific questions: Where is the argument weak or unsupported? What essential facts do they omit? What alternative examples or facts refute their position? Finally, how might those things alter their position?


While your reaction will reflect your position on the topic, this exercise is more about developing a counterargument as to why their position is wrong or unsupported, or if you agree how it could have been better supported or proven.


Each paper should be at least two full-page but no more than three total pages double spaced (times new roman 12 pt., 1-inch margins.) The paper should include appropriate citations for any work, fact, or information other than in the selected podcast or article(s) used or referenced in the paper if it is fully identified in the initial paragraph of the paper. The format of the paper must follow the MLA 8th formatting and citation requirements. See course resources or the TCC Writing Center for information on the MLA formats.

Additional instructions as well as the article(s) will be made available with the assignment on Canvas. The completed essay must be uploaded to Canvas by the due date for credit.


General Instructions for a reaction paper and grading criteria:

  • Use MLA 8th format for the paper, in-text citations, and a “Works Cited” page
  • The first paragraph must list the title of the article(s), the authors’ complete name, the date published, and the publisher, and a summary of the main points or positions of the article(s) or podcast. If any of this identification information is unavailable, you can omit that portion. For the podcasts list: the subject, title of the podcast, interviewer, and interviewee, as well as the broadcast date, should be listed.
  • Subsequent paragraphs must include your reaction to the article: did the author(s) prove or adequately support their position? Are there points that the author made that are important? Did the author miss critical information? Etc. You must support your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with the author with facts, events, or other supporting information.
  • Finally, in the last paragraph, state if you recommend this article to others and why or why not?
  • If you use facts, information, or opinions from other sources, you must cite them using MLA format. If you only use information from the article and list the reference information about the article in paragraph 1, you do not need in-text citations or a “Works Cited” page for that work.
  • The work must be uploaded to Canvas on or before the due date in Microsoft Word or.PDF format.
  • Emailed papers will not be graded.
  • Late papers will receive a zero (0) unless permission for a late submission has been granted in writing (email.)

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