Integrated Arts Project


[1] research this topic and define what an Integrated Arts Project is/can be.

[2] Is it a resource shared orally

, visually [YouTube, PPTx, or hard copy?]

[3] Explore to find what resources for families and professionals currently exist. Research the Internet, teachers’ websites or databases for examples.

[4] Define what these resources should include and why this product is a helpful for families and professionals. Add any experience/s you have had with using one or if you don’t have such a resource, how might it be helpful to you as a teacher or parent. Be your own resource.

[5] Add what you think are at least 2 benefits and 2 issues that having this resource.

[6] Add at least 4 other media or text-based resources you have researched or parents/teachers you have interviewed. Be sure to do your own research or add to classroom readings, viewings, podcasts or class discussions to this this topic.

[7] Cite your in-text and listing of all 5 or more references APA [8] Create an Integrated Arts Project Resource orally

, visually [YouTube, PPTx, or hard copy. Specifically, address:

How is your Resource helpful?
What roles do culture & covid restrictions play in creating a helpful & relevant resource?
Would it be multi- or bi-lingual? Which languages?
Why is adding supportive & suggested references/additional resources as hot lines, professional group websites, etc. helpful to your Resource?
Why are diversity and inclusiveness issues/materials helpful to your readers/viewers/listeners?
What special needs’ categories should be considered?
Provide 3 sample special needs and explain how you would include this information in your Resource.

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