Industry Analysis: Competitor Analysis

Industry Analysis: Competitor Analysis

Voltree Company: Circuit Tree Bioenergy Science Kit

  • Voltree Power is a company that majors in the production of Energy from non-animal organisms.
  • The company has ventured into new market areas by producing Circuit Tree Bioenergy Science Kit.
  • This kit is to help children to learn stem that refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math respectively.
  • The kit utilizes the natural aspect into consideration to improve the mental and physical health of the children (Voltree Power, 2015).
  • The company argues that the idea behind the development of the kit is to improve the learning of science by providing a natural lens for learning it.
  • The kit aims to improve the imagination and in expand the vision of the world of the learners as a place that can be interrogated, altered and understood by the learners and the teachers.
  • The kit is also believed to help in generating scientists who have a passion for sustainability.
  • Voltree will experience competition from traditional educational toy makers such as LeapFrog Inc., Roominate, Edmund Scientifics and Mega Brands Incorporate.
  • However, the company will have a competitive advantage over these companies due to the incorporation of technology in its brand compared to most of the traditional educational toys (Strauss, 2012).
  • Circuit Tree Bioenergy Science Kit incorporates a sense of nature which might be appealing to children which lacks in other traditional toys (Voltree Power, 2015).


Summary of Market Analysis: Competitor analysis

Factor Roominate LeapFrog Incorporate Edmunds Scientific Mega Brands Incorporate
Target Company Revenue ·         $500, 000 by end of 2013 ·         $82, 931 in 2013 (LeapFrog Enterprises Inc., 2013) ·         $120 million sales in 2012 $ 4 Billion in the year 2013
Locations to sale ·         Company website

·         Amazon Stores

·         Brooks Brothers

· online store

·         App Center

·         Wal-Mart stores incorporate

·         Toys “R” Us incorporate

·         Target Corporation

·         Internationally, the company has distributors in South Africa, United Kingdom, Canada and France

·         Edmund Scientific website

·         Amazon Stores

·         eBay

·         Mega Bloks website

·         Amazon Stores

·         Toys “R” Us incorporate

·         Argos stores

·         Wa-Mart stores

Product lines ·         Roominate Studio

·         Roominate Chateau

·         Roominate Architect

·         Roominate Circuits

·         Roominate Estate

·         Roominate Activity Guide

·         Learning tablets

·         LeapTV

·         Learning toys and DVDS

·         Leapreader reading and writing systems

·         eBooks

·         LeapPad Glo Learning Tablet

·         Scientific themed toys

·         High-tech gadget

·         Biology Discovery Kits

·         Earth Science Kits

·         Chemistry kits

·         Kitchen Chemistry

·         Medical Science kits



·         Ride-ons

·         Mega Play

·         Junior Builders

·         Idea Builders

·         Power Rangers

·         World Builders

·         Barbie

Promotions ·         No promotions ·         Provide gifts cards ·         Offer scientific gifts

·         Offer gifts for dads to children (Scientifics Direct Inc., 2014)

·         Offer funding to community

·         Gives Mega Bloks Barbie gift hampers to selected candidates
Target consumer ·         Girls who are six years and above (Roominate, 2015) ·         Children (from birth to the age of four) (LeapFrog Enterprises Inc., 2013

·         Adults

·         Children from age of four

·         Teenagers

·         adults


·         Children in the age bracket of 3- 11 years
Company growth ·         Company relatively new. However, it received $500,000 funding in 2014 (Roominate, 2015) 3.1% decrease compared to 2012 ·         Had continued growth in the last 50 years ·         Growth of 1 % in 2013
Competitive advantage ·         The company received production funding giving it an upper hand.

·         Top of mind awareness among girls since its products are specific to them.

·         Incorporates technology that is becoming preferred more preferred than traditional toys by children (Strauss, 2012)

·         Long period in the market (Since 1995)

·         High top of mind awareness due since its product are award winning

·         Products applicable to both girls and boys

·         Have good brand image

·         Long market period

·         Reputable due to its funding

·         High degree of diversification

·         Long brand period in the market

·         Relatively low price (Solomon, 2014)

·         Release of Mega Bloks Barbie that is enticing to girls (Wilkinson, 2014)

Competitive disadvantage ·         Short period in the market

·         Unidirectional products

·         Products primarily for girls which lower its market penetration degree

·         Its brands ranked among the top ten in 2014 (Maykah Inc., 2015)


·         Rapidly changing consumer preferences

·         Have seasonal sales

·         Limited number of raw materials providers making them vulnerable

·         Low efficiency in online sales


·         Legal challenges due to production of magnetic toys deemed to be dangerous (Joffe-Walt, 2012)

·         Preference for electronic toys compared to the company’s traditional toys





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