In adult ICU patients with ARDS related to COVID-19 viral infection, does prone positioning increase

The instructions:
-Table of Evidence – you will create a Table of Evidence to extract and evaluate key aspects from the 4-5 primary source research articles selected in the literature review. A designated template for the Table of Evidence will be provided to you. Note: Your PICO question and references should be approved by course faculty before beginning your Table of Evidence.
-Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Paper with Table of Evidence
In this course, you will identify a research or clinical problem that you are interested in exploring further. You will strive to ask a compelling question related to this problem in the PICO format. You will conduct a literature review to search for relevant data-based evidence related to your research question. You will be expected to find at least 5 primary source research articles (4 quantitative articles, 1 qualitative article) and 1 systematic review on your topic. These articles should help you be able to answer your PICO question. You will use a Table of Evidence to extract and evaluate important information from each of your primary source articles. You will write a paper on your research question with synthesis and critique of the evidence you find in the literature review and via the Table of Evidence.
Note: The overall objectives for this assignment are to: 1) ask a compelling question related to a problem in nursing or allied health practice; 2) learn how to search the literature to find evidence to answer this question or problem; 3) synthesize and evaluate key evidence from primary research studies; 4) use a table of evidence to extract and evaluate information; and 5) write a paper synthesizing your compelling question and critique of the literature.

-Research Proposal – you will share a proposed research study related to your compelling PICO question or problem. You will utilize key course concepts on research study design and methods to design your own study. You will also draw from the evidence you critically examined in the literature.

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