ideo Report of Your Case Consultation: Presenting and Validating Diagnosis

Transcript Only
1. Briefly summarize your case, highlighting the diagnostic symptoms seen in the case.
2. Describe your decision-making process for identifying the key problems in the case and the differential eliminations for your case.
3. Identify the diagnosis of the client in the case. Explain the diagnosis by providing the supporting DSM-5 criteria with specific examples of how your client met those criteria.
4. Include a transcript and/or edit closed captioning on your video to ensure your presentation is accessible to colleagues of differing abilities.
5. Post a fully coded DSM-5 diagnosis. Remember, a full diagnosis should include the name of the disorder, ICD-10-CM code, specifiers, severity, and the Z codes [other conditions that may be a focus of clinical attention].
The diagnosis for this assignment is ADHD Hyperactivity and Impulsive, severe.
The diagnosis meets 6 items
Excluded was Conduct Disorder and autism and explain why i did not choose these two diagnosis for the Differential
The Z codes are Z, 55.9 and Z62.820
Grading Rudic:
1. Initial post provides an accurate diagnosis for the case. Diagnosis is correctly written. Post accurately identifies diagnostic criteria used and does an exemplary job connecting diagnostic criteria to specific examples in the case study.
2. Discussion posting demonstrates an excellent understanding of all of the concepts and key points presented in the text[s] and Learning Resources. Posting provides significant detail including multiple relevant examples, evidence from the readings and other scholarly sources, and discerning ideas. Posts demonstrate exemplary critical thought.
3. Presentation is well organized. Student’s demeanor demonstrates excellent professionalism. Student is articulate and communicated well. Response posts are well organized, use scholarly tone, contain original writing and proper paraphrasing, follow APA style, contain very few or no writing and/or spelling errors

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