IAT 206 Reading Response 3

1)You should include more of your refection about the reading.
2) Make sure to properly cite the authors of
3) Enough word count
4) no external sources

Reading Response #3 will respond to the following readings:

1. Keywords, Data [pg 55-58 ]

2. Keywords, Surveillance [pg. 186-188]

3. Anatomy of AI [pdf]

DUE before our Week 8 Lecture on March 1st 10:30am. A Reading Response should be 1-2 pages [ 250-500 words–this does not included title page or references page]. A reading response should focus on a main idea and may or may not incorporate ideas from each separate reading listed above. See below for specific instructions.

Reading Responses will receive a 0 if they do not have the following:

Must have APA citation and reference page [if using examples that are not in the required reading, then these must also be cited!]
Must follow length requirement [follow formatting guidelines below]
Must be mostly your words and not use excessive quoting
Must show engagement with the text and must be coherent.
Texts are not simple math equations. They do not “mean” a certain thing. Texts are subject to interpretation, and the strength of any interpretation depends on your logic and evidence. This is the core of critical thinking. As a reader, you bring a host of personal experiences, observations, and opinions to a text. How you fuse what you already know with what you learn from your new experiences is the key to the learning process.

When reading and assessing complex types of writing, a “reading response” can be helpful for recording observations and questions. A reading response is not a summary of the reading and it should be more structured than mere “first impressions” or “personal reactions.” A reading response helps you prepare for class discussion by collecting your insights or raising questions for us to pursue. It also helps you prepare notes on the material which may help with test questions.

Follow these steps for Reading and Reading Responses:*

Read through the assigned reading to gain an overall understanding of the material, making notes as you go [either in the text or in a notebook]. Note passages of importance [this is particularly helpful in finding evidence for your arguments later] and make initial comments and observations.

Write a reading response based on your reading, looking over the assigned reading and your notes as you work. Consider your general impressions and move toward more specific observations and analysis. You might use the following questions as a guideline [you do not have to answer them specifically; they are merely meant to help you focus]:
What are your overall impressions of the reading?
What particular passages or details stand out to you? Why do you think they might be important?
How does this reading relate to the themes we have been discussing in this unit? The themes of other units? The themes of the course as a whole?
How might your personal experiences or background relate to the reading?
What questions do you have about the reading? What passages or ideas were difficult to understand?
* Steps taken from:
A reading response should be 1-2 pages of text [no more]. Don’t count words: write until you are satisfied that you have tackled at least one key idea. You don’t have to cover everything. Find some central aspect of the reading and focus in on it. You become the expert. Then you can teach the rest of us what you know.

Submission: Upload your reading response to Canvas BEFORE Lecture 8 on March 1st

Please include a title page with your name, your student number, your lab and word count
Follow APA citation style for your in-text citations and include a references page
Proofread your text for spelling and grammar.
The reading responses should be set to 12 point typography, double spaced, 1-inch margins and include page numbers.
should be 1-2 pages [250-500 words].
Quotes from the text should be used sparingly

Reading Responses Spring 2022
Reading Responses Spring 2022
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReading Response
2 pts
Meets all Requirements, Critical Engagement
-Meets length requirement with correct formatting guidelines [1-2 full pages of text] -Includes APA in-text citations [name, date, page number] and a References page -Does not use excessive quoting -Demonstrates CRITICAL engagement with the readings
1 pts
Meets all requirements, Some engagement
-Meets length requirement with correct formatting guidelines [1-2 full pages of text] -Includes APA in-text citations [name, date, page number] and a References page -Does not use excessive quoting -Demonstrates SOME engagement with the readings
0 pts
Does not meet all requirements, no or little engagement
-Does not meet length requirement OR -Does not include APA in-text citation [name, date, page number] and/or a References page OR -uses excessive quoting OR -is incoherent OR -Demonstrates NO ENGAGEMENT with readings
2 pts
Total Points: 2

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