Human Resources Management (HRM)

We have chosen to talk about Emirates Airlines and my task is to write about foreign language training to staff.
Assignment overview:
In groups, students are required to produce a short video on the topic of Training and
Development (T&D) interventions within a Hospitality-related business. You should self-select working teams of approx. 6 members per team (subject to student numbers) and agree on which organisation to base your research; there can be no duplication of organisations. Each individual is required to submit a 500-word critical analysis of a particular T&D intervention for their organisation.
Overall aim:
Through this project students will be able to demonstrate their ability to work in groups and think creatively, using their combined problem-solving skills and research skills. Students will demonstrate their critical thinking skills and their ability to apply these to an organisational issue, justifying how T&D can support both individual and organisational performance.

Each individual in the group must select one T&D intervention (each individual must select a different one) and identify the strengths and weaknesses of this for the particular organisation. The individual critical analysis should be 500 words long and be supported with secondary sources and these should be referenced correctly using APA guidelines. This individual piece of work should be submitted through TII as a Word document.

This is how the paper must be looked like:
1. Introduction
A brief introduction to the organisation and to the
training intervention you have selected.

2. Main Body
A critical analysis of your chosen T&D intervention in
the context of your organisation. You should clearly
identify the strengths and weaknesses for the
particular organisation. Your claims must be
supported with secondary research.

3. Conclusions and Recommendations
Conclude whether on the basis of your discussion,
you would recommend this T&D intervention to the
organisation, justifying your claims.

4. References (not included in the word count)
Your reference list should appear at the end of your
document. Each source you cite in your discussion
must appear in your reference list; likewise, each
entry in the reference list must be cited in your text.
APA guidelines should be adhered to.

Grading Rubric:
Follow this below to receive an excellent grade:
a) Knowledge: A conceptual, theoretical, and critical understanding of the
subject area and related disciplines. All arguments carefully developed and
clearly shown. Considered and effective use of a wide scope of literature
beyond that supplied in the classroom. Data specialist in nature and informed
by the existing body of knowledge.
b) Cognitive: Synthesize, critically evaluate, and challenge information. Apply
knowledge and understanding accurately to a range of issues, implicit values,
questions and complex problems. Apply established and new techniques at
the forefront of knowledge. Recognizes the uncertainty, ambiguity and limits
to knowledge. Clear evidence of integrated thinking and links to originality.
Can use levels of abstraction to recommend new concepts, approaches, and
likely future developments.
c) Professional Competencies: Fully demonstrate, comprehensive practical
and professional skills and with close consideration of relevant ethical issues
in complex environments. Can lead, adapt, and recognize change in an
entrepreneurial mindset with sensitivity to diversity.
d) Transferable Skills: Communicate complex information, arguments, and
ideas effectively and appropriately to explore issues and problems, use
recognized literature, ICT, and planning; excellent structure with APA
presentation of figures, tables, references (in-text and list) where appropriate.
Evidence of originality and novelty present. Uses personal reflection to
analyse self and own actions to improve future practice and/or performance.

Side important notes must be followed:
1. Make sure the word count is 500 words and the rest of the word count has to be in bullet points after the reference page so I can present the findings as a presentation (my part which is foreign language traning).
2. Make sure to follow the APA format guidelines files as the professor is strict on that.

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