Human Resources Management (HRM)

– Use the attached article for citation. You can add 1 more if need

This I selected 1 article that need to be summarized as per the attached guideline work document.
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International HRM

Code: HRMT-406


Objective – Virtual Lab 1 and instructions 

For this assignment you need to review at least 6 recent peer-reviewed journal articles to identify the central arguments about the effects of HR systems and policies in Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) operating within the MENA region. Through your review you need to discuss on the main HRM challenges of MNEs in the region. For example, the challenge of managing a diverse workforce in the region.

After identifying and reading the articles that you choose to include in your review, write an essay that include the following

  1. have between 800-1000 words. You will be dedicated 2 marks if you exceeded the words.
  2. Be typed and double-spaced; and must be a MS Word document. The document should have 1-inch margins and should not include any extra space between paragraphs,
  3. Reference ALL your sources, when needed, using Harvard system of Referencing. Do NOT copy and paste from other sources, it will not earn you any credits.

Assessment & Grading criteria

Assessment criteria Criteria Grading
A brief introduction of the main aim of the article 10 point (around 100 words)
A discussion of issues pertaining to IHRM and its challenges (two issues, at least, need to discussed) 30 points (around 300 words)
Discussion of something you learned from the articles and how you will benefit from the information. In other words, how will this information affect your understanding and future practice of IHRM? 20 points (around 200 words)
Personal comments (conclusion) 20 points (around 200 words)

(Double spaced, 1-inch margins, no extra space between paragraphs, times-new roman 12pt fonts)

10 points
Citation of the article in Harvard format 10 points


Based on the above assessment criteria you will be awarded a grade shown in the grading scheme of the course syllabus.

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