Human Resources Management (HRM)

Please give extra attention to the guidelines and how the structure of the assignment is. We need at least 10 academic journal sources so find as many as you can and i can help you with my college credentials to find more, we will be in touch about that. Use intext citation throughout the project.


  1. Overview

The written project of MG3034 Managing People and Organizations involves each learner in explaining and analyzing a contemporary issue related to the effective management of work and people by applying learning to a particular organizational context. In general, a literature review requires learners to complete a thorough research and discuss academic sources along with additional credible material in a particular subject area, and sometimes within a specified timeframe. In addition to the discussion of sources, this literature review also requires learners to apply the discussed theories to a business setting by using a case study. Hence, this written project assists learners to both develop skills in locating and summarizing the ideas of others, and to apply those ideas to the business environment through a case study.

The organization should be a different one than the initial project.


  1. Module Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, learners are expected to be able to:


  1. Examine the nature and context of managing in organizations by analyzing key concepts and topic areas underpinning the field of work and organizations.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of some key people management practices and consider their potential contribution to fulfilling individual and organizational goals.
  3. Explain and analyze contemporary issues in effectively managing work and people by applying learning to a range of organizational contexts.


The written project tests Learning Outcome 3.


3.      Content


Topic: ‘Employee selection amid Covid19’


The content that follows is an indicative structure of the written project including suggested word-count per section. You must use your own critical judgment as to the content and material to be used. All arguments should be presented in a thorough, clear and straightforward way.


Indicative structure of written project:

Title page

  • Title of the project
  • Student’s name
  • DEREE identification number
  • Course number and name (e.g. MG3034 Managing People and Organizations)
  • Project due date
  • Instructor’s name

Table of contents

  • Include all headings and sub-headings followed by the corresponding page number

Introduction (suggested word-count: 200 words)

  • Brief introduction as to why the project’s theme is worth investigation (i.e. Why is the topic important?)
  • Overall aim/scope of the written project
  • Outline of project’s structure

Main Body (suggested word-count in total: 1500 words)

  • Part A: Literature Review (suggested word-count: 700 words)
  • An evaluation of the concept ‘employee selection’
  • An evaluation of the reasons that organizations should adopt an appropriate selection process especially during periods of crisis such as the recent pandemic
  • Analysis of key methods to employee selection (i.e. What are the key methods organizations should employ during the selection process? To what extent those methods are effective?)
  • Part B: Case Study Analysis (suggested word-count: 500 words)
  • Brief rationale as to why the selected case study is worth investigation (i.e. What is the relevance of the case-study to the topic under study?)
  • Analyze and evaluate key methods to employee selection a specific organization adopts by drawing links to the discussed theoretical underpinnings (i.e. Which employee selection methods the organization under investigation adopts and why? How do they put them into practice? To what extent the selected organization’s practice complies with literature suggestions?)

Conclusion (suggested word-count: 100 words)

  • Determine key findings stemming from the analysis/discussion in the main body (i.e. Which are the key learning points stemming from the analysis?)


  • You are required to use at least 10 academic journal articles and/or books. For the case analysis, in addition to academic sources you may use material from other credible and reliable sources (e.g. official company websites, industry reports, EU publications, OECD reports and credible business journals such as Economist, Wall Street Journal, etc.).
  • All sources should be acknowledged, appropriately cited within your work and included in your reference list, following the college’s approved referencing conventions, i.e. APA.



  1. Format


Each student will prepare the written project using the following required format:


  • Title page – includes the title of the project, the student’s name and DEREE identification number, the course number and name (e.g. MG3034 Managing People and Organizations), the project due date, and the instructor’s name
  • Table of Contents – identifies the sections (introduction, main body, conclusion, and the appropriate headings and subheadings throughout) in the written project and the associated page number for each
  • Introduction – includes a brief statement of what you intend to accomplish in the project, and a summary of what follows in main body.
  • Main Body – see indicative structure above; the main body includes the development of the selected topic (with appropriate headings and subheadings within the main body).
  • Conclusion – includes key findings stemming from the analysis/discussion in the main body.
  • References – identifies the academic sources and other published information which you have used (e.g., journal articles, web sources of a documentable nature, books, your textbook in this course, conference proceedings, interviews, questionnaires); please refrain from using Wikipedia and other wiki sources, as generally, they are not considered to be academic sources.
  • Attachments – includes written material, visual aids and graphics that you choose not to place in the main text.
  • Appendix – includes related material not deemed necessary to be in the main text.
  • Turnitin – You must submit your project to the relevant Turnitin submission drop-box located in the course’s Blackboard Site.


  1. Mechanics


Each student should adhere to the following technical requirements:


  • Documentation: APA style is required; a guide is available at: – Easybib Pro
  • Word length: 1500-1900 words; it is compulsory to report the number of words at the end of the paper. A violation of the specified word limit results in a 10% grade penalty in the student’s work. Please note that from the word-limit the table of contents, the referencing list and appendices are excluded.
  • Submission: The project must be word processed, and each student will submit the project electronically.
  • Typing: Use letter font 12. Please use double line spacing. Leave normal space between paragraphs. Use headings and subheadings where appropriate.


  1. Formative assessment/Outline


You are expected to provide me with a brief outline of your written project during the second week of classes.

  1. Project Due Date

All projects are due in excellent form on a date to be announced at the beginning of class. Please follow carefully the progress of your work effort so that you will meet this deadline. Where coursework is submitted late and there are no accepted extenuating circumstances it will be penalized in line with the following tariff: Submission within 6 working days: a 10% reduction for each working day late down to the 40% pass mark and no further. Submission that is late by 7 or more working days: submission refused, mark of 0.

  1. Evaluation


The written project will be evaluated using the Evaluation Rubric for Written Project – Level 5, a copy of which is available on acgboard.

  1. Contribution to Final Course Grade

The written project weights 50% towards the final course grade.

  1. Originality and Authenticity

The rules of academic ethics apply when undertaking this written project, including the requirements that the student undertakes the written project without improper or unauthorized assistance from anyone. If it is determined that the project is not done individually and solely by the student, the instructor may grade the written project as an F.

  1. Turnitin

Each student must electronically submit the written project via Turnitin. The written project should be uploaded as a single file to the Turnitin Assignment drop-box on the course’s Blackboard Site. The title of your document must be your DEREE ID Number.    


If you have any questions, please ask.

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