Human Resource Management

Please follow the instruction carefully. It needs 3 recommendations which are related to the three chapter material and one more reliable resources. And there has video link in the assignment instruction. Thank you so much!


Value: 15% of Final Grade

Special Instructions:

  • Reference your sources using MLA Citation, with in text citation and a Works Cited Page for the entire assignment.


  • Write a 2-page, single spaced report, Times New Roman 12-point font.Be concise and get to the point, following the assignment instructions below.


  • Before submitting your assignment, proofread your work for grammar and spelling.



The Matthew Bowcott Story


  • Watch the Video titled “The Matthew Bowcott Story” found on WARNING: This is a true story and is graphic in parts. The good news is Matthew is alive. He suffered a horrific workplace accident and shares his story in this video in the spirit of prevention.
  • Assume you’ve been hired as a Human Resources Consultant to help this restaurant improve occupational health and safety and to ensure this accident never happens again.
  • In bullet points, explain your top three recommendations referring to relevant course material and/or specific theories from Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 4 of your course textbook. Your first recommendation should be based on Chapter 1 material, your second from Chapter 2 material and your third from Chapter 4 material.
  • In addition to the course textbook, refer to one other reliable source.


  • The Works Cited page is an additional page at the end of your report.
  • Reference your sources using MLA Citation, with in text citation and a Works Cited Page for the entire assignment.

MLA End-of-Paper Checklist

In-Text Citations

✓ Have you given credit to other sources when you’ve quoted and/or paraphrased throughout your paper?

✓ Are the in-text citations properly constructed according to MLA style?

✓ Does every in-text citation have a complete, matching citation in your Works Cited List?


Works Cited List

✓ Does it say Works Cited at the top of your page, centered, and without bolding or underlining?

✓ Is the Works Cited page double spaced?

✓ Are the citations in alphabetical order by the first word/name of each citation?

✓ Are the citations properly constructed according to MLA style?

✓ Is the second line of any citations longer than one line indented half an inch? This is called a “hanging indent” in your paragraph settings.

✓ Does each citation in the Works Cited list have a matching in-text citation in your assignment?

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