HRM 529: Training exercise

Please study the training process model below and apply it to an organisation of your choice.

  1. Identify an event that triggers change in an organization (YOU CAN USE COVID 19 IF YOU LIKE) and then b) identify the gap that has been created in terms of training present and future needs. These needs have to be in relation to knowledge, skills and attitudes or any other attributes. Make sure that you focus is on the most important needs as not all needs are important for the company.
  2. Then design: employee training objectives regarding what will be trained and ways toidentify the factors needed in the training program to facilitate learning and its transfer back to the job, including identifying alternative methods of instruction.
  3. Then develop: formulate an instructional strategy to meet a set of training objectives. The instructional strategy consists of the order, timing, and combination of methods and elements used in the training program. Inputs to this phase are provided by design phase and outputs are specific content, instructional methods, materials, equipment’s and media, manuals, and facilities integrated into a training plan designed to achieve the training objectives. These outputs of the development phase serve as inputs to the implementation phase.
  4. Then implement:All aspects of the training program come together during the implementation phase. However, it is a mistake to assume that everything will happen as planned. Therefore, it is useful to conduct a dry run (rehearsal) and even a pilot of the program
  5. Then evaluate:Evaluation objectives are the outcomes of design phase and become inputs to the evaluation phase. Another input is organizational constraints. Time, money and staff all affect how training is evaluated. Two types of evaluation are useful. Process evaluation – How well a particular process achieved its objectives. Outcome evaluation – Evaluation conducted at the end of training to determine the effects of training on the trainee, job and organization. This kind of evaluation uses the training objectives as standard

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