How Many Pages is a 500 Word Essay?

Often, during standardized tests, instructors give us an essay assignment for which we are supposed to meet a specific word count. One of the most common essay assignments is the 500-word paper.  Most students end up wondering ‘how many pages is 500 words essay’.

Though the relationship between word count and pages being relatively definite, it is not certain to give the exact number of pages is a 500-word essay. The number of pages for any specific number of words is determined by the number and length of your paper paragraphs, the line spacing that you will use and the margin size. Also, the font type and size you use while writing your essay determines the number of pages.

Therefore, the number of pages comprised in a specific number cannot be stated here with surety as we are not sure what specifications have been given in your order instructions. Nonetheless, most academic papers require the use of Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1” margin and paragraphs with approximately 100-150 words. Going forward, we will also assume that you will have 2 paragraphs for approximately 250 words.

Based on these assumptions, for an essay assignment that requires you to use single spacing, you will have one page for 500-words essay (this is with the exemption of title and reference pages if included). On the other hand, for an essay assignment that requires you to use double spacing, you will have 2 pages for a 500-word essay. These page specifications assume that you will not be including such as tables or images in which case the number of your pages will increase.

500-words essays are often the 5-paragraph essays that are common standardized tests in high schools. Subsequently, while writing a 5-paragraph essay, you should have approximately 2 pages of written essay. This means your 500-word essay should be about 5 paragraphs.

How does essay Mentor define the relation between word count and page count?

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