How does Substance Abuse effect children/adolescents?

Research requirements:
You will be writing a term paper on the topic: How does Substance Abuse affect children/adolescents?
You will use the six credible, scholarly sources from the Annotated Bibliography that I have attached here, to draft the term paper.
You will use the annotated bibliography to help organize the term paper. As a reminder, the term paper must have the following sections:
Required sections:
Your paper must include the following sections and headers:
1. Introduction — What will the paper be about, what is your thesis, what are you trying
to convince your reader of? [1 paragraph]
2. Early research — What did the earliest research on this topic say? [at least 1 paragraph]
3. Recent research — What has more recent research on this topic added, clarified, or
corrected? [at least 2 paragraphs]
4. Research limitations and disagreements — What are the limitations and disagreements
in doing research on this topic, and what flaws or biases have you noticed? [at least 2
5. Remaining research — What has yet to be understood, and what research remains to
be done on this topic? [at least 2 paragraphs]
6. Conclusion — Summarize what you wrote, assess counterarguments, and answer the
question, why does this matter and what action should people take based on what you
have written? [at least 2 paragraphs]
Length and formatting requirements:
Your paper must be:
• formatted in APA style with a title page, page numbers, in-text citations, and a
references section
• 1,200-1,300 words, NOT including the title page and references section
• double spaced, with 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font
• submitted on Canvas and through TurnItIn by the indicated due date

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