How did binaries during the colonial era limit the ways in which Americans – both European and Native

Many of you have asked similar questions regarding the midterm so I thought I’d share some tips to all of you.
1.] please meet the minimum word requirement. Do not worry about format [MLA, Chicago, Turabian, footnotes, endnotes, etc.].
2.] if you have a physical copy of Silver, then use page numbers for references such as [Silver, pg. #]. If you have an ebook, then count the paragraph numbers from the beginning of the chapter such as [Silver Ch.#, paragraph#].
3.] For each argument that you make, I suggest that you use at least 3 pieces of evidence to support your argument. For example, if you start your paragraph with an argument such as “I argue that the assumed binary of “civilized vs. savage” constrained the lives of friendly Native Americans.” Here’s how your paragraph outline may look:
“I argue that the assumed binary of “civilized vs. savage” constrained the lives of friendly Native Americans.”
A.] example: Conestogas being attacked without provocation [Silver, pg…]
B.] example: Kateri Tekakwitha caught in between binary – someone without a home..[Richter, pg….]
C.] example: innocent natives killed during confrontation with colonists [Silver, pg…]
4.] Notice that you are to use evidence from both readings to support your arguments. Synthesize the readings together. Do not treat them separately. Avoid talking all about evidence from Richter then all about evidence from Silver. You are to use evidence from BOTH readings to support your argument in each paragraph.
5.] Originality means just that. You are not being asked to summarize what Richter and Silver wrote. You are the author of this midterm. You have your subject position. You are producing this essay. Address the midterm prompt in the most original way with arguments and evidence that you believe is the most effective. Again, this is not a summary of the readings.
6.] Avoid long, wordy paragraphs [this includes the intro and/or conclusion]. Edit, Edit, Edit so that each word is powerful and concise. Merely filling up your essay with unnecessary words will not help your grade.
7.] Please review the plagiarism section of the syllabus. This essay consists of your original analysis and selection of evidence.

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