Homework Discussion Questions

  1. Perusall/Annotations

You can start a new annotation thread in Perusall by highlighting text, asking a question, or posting a comment; you can also add a reply or comment to an existing thread. Your goals in annotating each reading assignment are to stimulate discussion by posting good questions or comments and to help others by answering their questions.

Effective annotations deeply engage points in the readings, stimulate discussion, offer informative questions or comments, and help others address their questions or confusions.
For each assignment, we will evaluate the annotations you submit on time (see below). Based on the overall body of your annotations, you will receive a score for each assignment as follows.

3 = demonstrates exceptionally thoughtful and thorough reading of the entire assignment
2 = demonstrates thoughtful and thorough reading of the entire assignment
1 = demonstrates superficial reading of the entire assignment OR thoughtful reading of only part of the assignment
0 = demonstrates superficial reading of only part of the assignment


  1. Decision Driven Data Analytics

Your task for this article for next week is to prepare a mindmap style summary of the article. There are a considerable number of mind mapping tools (e.g. coggle that can help you to summarise the article. If you prefer to use other infographics tools, MS PowerPoint, MS Word or even prepare it manually this is absolutely fine.

the article is also accessible via:


  1. Discussion 3

You are more than a Project Manager; you are the leader of the team.

Discuss how you will encourage and manage the project team. How will you manage the different personalities of the team? What distinguishes a ‘good’ team from a ‘bad’ team?


  1. occupational health and safety

At this point in the course, please complete the following Research Assignment.

For the country you live and work in, research the statistics related to costs of fire. Then, research ANY other country. Based on your research:

1) Why do you believe the statistics differ between the 2 countries?

2) Why do you believe the statistics differ from those provided in the NFPA Total Cost Fact Sheets (found in the Resources)?

Submission should be no more than 2 pages in length.


  1. occupational health and safety

Conduct research online or use the reference texts in the Resources section for information about the following hazards. State at least one major way that exposure can happen to workers, a major health effect of the hazard, and whether the effect is acute or chronic. Write up to three sentences about each one.

Wood dust.


  1. Evolution of Amazon

Who are Amazon’s competitors? What is amazon’s competitive advantage?

please also use Lexisnexis and Bloomberg


  1. Medical ethics misconduct

New Times Roman; dimension 12; line-spacing: single
What impact do unethical researches and cases of ethics misconduct have on society? (refer to CRISPR’s article) How difficult is for a clinician to respect moral ethics?
not exceed 1500 words

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