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For this first part, you will respond to six of the following eight prompts. Please number your responses using the corresponding numbers on the questions that follow. You must respond to six of the eight prompts below. Your responses should be complete paragraphs [approximately five sentences]. Each short response answer is worth a possible 15 points.

Briefly explain how and why interpretations of western history have changed over time. Where might they go next?
Make a connection between Cahokia, the US-Mexico-Native War, and the Pyramid Lake War. What do these places and events demonstrate about Native history and change over time?
Drawing on the readings, lectures, and discussions so far this semester, paint a picture of Native Nevada from time immemorial to 1864.
Identify some of the major debates and important features of the US [Federal] and Nevada [State] Constitution. What do these debates and features demonstrate about change over time in US and Nevada history?
How did Frémont’s exploration and expeditions and the California Gold Rush affect Nevada? In what ways were these effects similar? In what ways were they different?
In the Declaration of Secession [1860] South Carolina’s representatives made a case for their state’s right to secede. Identify their arguments and answer the question: Do states have a constitutional right to secede? If so, what are the implications for the US and for Nevada.
Make a case for a contemporary issue that you think comes close to being as controversial and significant as the issue of slavery in the nineteenth century.
Briefly identify, describe, and explain the historical significance of five events in or related to Nevada History from the beginning of class to 1864.

Essay [60 points]
For the second portion of this exam you are to write a full [introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion] essay answering the following prompt. Your essay should run approximately two pages double-spaced.

You have been tasked with explaining to a group of Japanese middle school students how Nevada became a state in 1864 and why that matters for the history of the US, the US West, and Nevada. For now, keep your discussion of significance to 1864 and earlier. Here are some questions to consider when writing your essay:

What is the main idea that you want your audience to walk away with?
What does your audience need to know to understand the argument you are making?
How should you best organize your evidence to support your argument?
Your entire submission [both parts] should be between 5–7 pages in length, double-spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins.

Make sure to do Part 1 and Part 2

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