History Research Paper

The topic is about drafting the US constitution
Below you will find a Sample Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet to reference while filling out your worksheet. Please note that this is a sample, and that your worksheet should be based on another secondary source article from the library guide. Complete the Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet for the secondary source that you selected. Submit your completed worksheet for instructor grading and feedback.
Welcome to the research guide for HIS-100 – Perspectives in HIstory! On this guide, you will find information on finding primary and secondary sources including: books, ebooks, and scholarly articles. Use the blue menu buttons on the left to navigate through the guide.. If you need additional assistance, ask a librarian by chat, or by phone!

If you’ve used other library research guides, this guide may be a little different than what you’re used too. This guide is intended to specifically support your research for HIS-100: Perspectives in History. For each of the three suggested topics for that course, librarians offer primary and secondary source examples and ideas about searching for additional sources. If you would prefer to choose your own topic, we’ve also included resources you may find helpful for researching other topics and eras in history.

the subject is about drafting the US constitution

this is the name of the book
Liberty’s Blueprint : How Madison and Hamilton Wrote the Federalist Papers, Defined the Constitution, and Made Democracy S
by Michael Meyerson

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