Assessment: Healthy Lifestyle Management Plan – Part A (15%)

Purpose of Assignment

The overall purpose of this Assessment, Healthy Lifestyle Management Plan is to create an action plan that will improve your overall wellness. This will involve creating a SMART goal and action plan to modify a target behaviour that is detracting from your current level of wellness.

There are two parts to this overall assessment. Part A is weighted at 15%, Part B is weighted at 20%.

What You Need to Submit (due Week 4)

Submit two separate documents in the Assignment Folder.

  • Submit one separate document that includes a screen shot of the bar graph summarizing the results of your Longevity Test. (4 marks).
  • Submit a document that includes your answers to 5 Criticial Thinking Questions. See Rubric.


Step #1: It’s important to reflect on your wellness lifestyle. Now that you have been introduced to the 9 areas of wellness, reflect on your life. Identify the top lifestyle factor (that you’re willing to change) that you believe is having the largest negative impact on your overall wellness. Why do you think you have this negative behaviour? What’s been causing it?

Step #2: Go to the website, and scroll down to find the “Longevity Test”. Click on the “Take Test” tab. The test/assessment should take about 10 minutes. The information you include will be confidential. Complete the assessment and create an account.

You will receive results that feature 3 bar graphs outlined about. These bar graphs indicate your Healthy Life Expectancy (how long you may live a healthy life currently), Your Life Expectancy (how long you may live… perhaps in pain or an unhealthy way), and Your Potential Life Expectancy. See sample below.

Take a screen shot of YOUR results of the vitality test report. Include this screen shot with your answers to the critical thinking questions below.

5 Critical Thinking Questions 

    1. Now that you’ve been introduced to the 9 Dimensions of Wellness, reflect on your life. Identify the top lifestyle factor (that you’re willing to change) that you believe is having the largest negative impact on your overall wellness. Explain the situations surrouding this negative behaviour (what’s been causing it?). What are the barriers that are preventing you from taking action? (5 marks)
    2. After reviewing your results and report for the Blue Zones Longevity Test, what stands out for you? What’s the difference between (in years) Your Healthy Life Expectancy and Your Life Expectancy? Explain what this difference means to you (are you happy with this gap/difference in years)? (4 marks)
    3. Using the SMART goal formula, create a short-term goal for a target behaviour that you would like to change over the next 4-8 weeks during this GNED 140 course. NOTE: You will be assessing your progress in Part B of this Assignment. You will be keeping a journal tracking your progress. TIP: Review this Understanding SMART Goals video on Setting Smart Goals. (5 marks)
    4. Explain 4 action steps (in detail) to achieve your stated SMART goal. Include specfics, for example—outline specific action steps in Weeks 1-4 (insert actual dates, e.g., Monday, October 3 to Friday, October 7). Remember: Action steps are things that you physically do on a daily basis to accomplish your goals. (8 marks)
    5. State 2 barriers (or obstacles) you may face when implementing the action steps stated above. Provide one strategy to improve your willpower for each barrier. (4 marks)

AN IMPORTANT REMINDER: You’ll need to track your progress through the next few weeks (i.e., 7 weeks) because you will be reflecting on it in Part B of this assignment due in Week 12.

Healthy Lifestyle Management Plan: Part A (15%).

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