GPP 196 Op-Ed

You could use the files again for the details on my practice experience. And below are the past reflection assignments if you want to take a look at them. The word count is 800 words but I also need a brief cover page. Keep in mind that this assignment requires the use of variety of sources to support the op-ed argument.

There were example op-eds we went through in class. The issue we could write about could be about cultural appropriation and/or fair trade. The teacher looks for more analysis less than the story. This appears to be a huge percent of my grade so I would appreciate it if we could discuss what to write together.

Assignment Description (800 word maximum) In this assignment, you are to write an op-ed on an issue closely related to your practice experience. Ideally your op-ed would be situated in your PE location, and advocate for something related to the work you did while on your PE. Your op-ed should be directed to a specific publication (and audience). To that end, please include a cover letter written to this publication (and specify which publication). Your cover letter should be brief and does not count towards your total word count for this assignment. Be sure that your op-ed has a title and an appropriate argument and convincing evidence to support your argument. Evidence should be appropriate for your audience and publication, and should be derived from a variety of sources. Don’t forget to include the total word count at the end of your Op-Ed.

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