Global Policy Document

Assessment name: Develop an Expatriate Policy

Length: 2000 words

Reference:20 (need to include some reputable consulting company reports )

This assessment supports the following Graduate Outcomes:

  • Work-ready
  • Global in outlook and competence
  • Culturally and socially aware
  • Active and lifelong learners
  • Innovative

Details: Policy document



As the HR manager of a medium-sized Chinese accounting company with joint venture investments in three countries (Peru, USA, Germany), write a company policy covering expatriate assignments. Your company’s strategy is based on the provision of quality services at a competitive (but not the lowest) price. The company has a very strong equal opportunity culture, and the policy also needs to address issues relating to women and minorities.

Policy details

The policy should be based on leading practices and cover: selection, pre-departure, assignment, and post assignment issues. This should include aspects addressed in Vance and Paik (2015) Chapters 6-10, and Reiche et al (2019), as well as material from your readings.

The report needs to be written as a policy document, not an essay. However, you must include in-text references and a reference list indicating where you have sourced your best practice concepts. Recent peer reviewed academic journal articles should be included, published between 2010 and 2021 (minimum of ten {20}). You also could include reputable consulting company reports.

Assessment Criteria:

Please be sure for the Assessment Criteria that:

  • A policy format, not an essay format, is used.
  • Leading practices have been identified and developed into policy statements. A synthesis of the relevant literature is demonstrated.
  • Practices and assertions are substantiated through use of high quality reference material and key academic perspectives/views.
  • There is an explicit linking of the literature to the policy.
  • Opinions or arguments that are not substantiated by quality references are omitted.
  • A clear and comprehensive written style is used, including correct spelling, grammar, and syntax.

Please find “Policy Template – with Instructions” an example of how to develop a Policy document. 123 &reference list: must cover, other not necessary


Please clearly read the RUBIC below and meet the requirements.

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