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Creative writing

Following the instructions below, i would like the writer re-write the attached paper of my happiest childhood memory into a poem.

Choose a different prompt than you chose last week. Consider trying a new technique than you did last week as well. Perhaps you include a passage of “things that didn’t happen” or “things I didn’t notice,” in the vein of Wolff’s passage in “Bullet in the Brain.” Perhaps you try to write your memory in the form of a poem or a monologue instead of a story. See what happens, and remember to PLAY!

Write at least two (2) pages (Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt. font)

Write about your happiest childhood memory. Why is this memory so happy? What did it mean to you to feel this way? Do not TELL the reader you feel happy. SHOW happiness using concrete, significant images.


What is Art

The purpose of choice assignments:

Let’s learn for the sheer joy of learning!
Let’s feel free to ask questions, take risk and learn in a way that encourages deep understanding, retention, and interdisciplinary, cross cultural, and meaningful connections!
Let’s discover our own academic strengths and showcase them through choice assignments
The goal of the choice assignments is to demonstrate YOUR learning progress in each module.
Since nothing happens in a vacuum, and no one succeeds in isolation, this process will include opportunities for peer reviews so you can inspire and learn from one another.
You will:

Exhibit your visual literacy through writing, creating, synthesizing, and analyzing visual art forms
Demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of key ideas (language of art, themes of art, process of art, history of art)
Demonstrate your ability to critically analyze, interpret, and evaluate key concepts, artists, ideas, processes
(Must look at the files)


Discussion #3

This discussion is based on the Reading(s):
Cochran (2018), The Problem with Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
Jensen (2005), Against Diversity, For Politics.

Begin your discussion post by using Jensen (2005) and Cochran (2017) to discuss/describe 2 reasons why the way we think and talk about diversity issues in education is important to how we address them as teachers. Be sure to make connections to the readings and cite your sources. Make 1 connection between the 2 reasons you described and 1 of the main points Dr. Stewart makes in her lecture–”Minding the Gap”

Next, identify 1 thing Jensen (2005), Cochran (2017), and Stewart (2016) argued is a topic that must be addressed when “diversity talk” comes up that you hadn’t considered before. Include one or two follow-up questions you would like to ask Jensen (2005), Cochran (2017), and/or Stewart (2016) the difference between diversity, inclusion, equity & justice that all teachers should know.

Basic Effects of Drugs

Prepare a short speech / presentation to educate high school students in Australia on the effects of certain psychoactive drugs and to deter drug use.

Choose ONE of the drug categories listed below and provide an evidence-based PERSUASIVE speech/presentation showing the prevalence of use; the neurological (mode of action) and behavioural effects; & potential impacts of long-term usage.

Drug category options (choose 1):

1) stimulants
2) opioids
3) cannabis
4) LSD
5) alcohol

NOTE (Requirements):
– MUST HAVE exceptional explanation of topic as evidenced by clear, accurate & comprehensive discussion of the neuroscientific basis of drug effects & the impact on behaviour & well being.
– MUST have judicious use of relevant literature from scholarly sources to provide targeted & compelling support for EACH specific argument presented.

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