Gender Inequality/Ageing Inequality

Gender Inequality/Ageing Inequality








Gender Inequality/ Ageing Inequality

Q.1: Why some Americans believe that men and women are equal

The perception that men and women are equal occurs because the US is one of the countries that have tried to ensure gender equality. In the last few decades, women have made significant steps towards closing the gap between them and men (Horowitz, Kim &Renee, 2017).  Women have trespassed the gender role boundaries set long ago that defines women as nurturers and procreators while men are regarded as hunters and protectors. The traditional woman was grounded in the domestic environment while the man would labor to feed his family. However, the US has seen a change in gender roles in which case more women are breaking from their traditional confines by taking jobs in the labor market to either take care of their families solely or compliment their husbands pay. In addition, some laws are defining equal pay in the labor market for people of both genders who have the same experience, skills and academic qualifications. Besides, more women are currently educated as opposed to some years back. In the past, more men were educated in comparison to the women; a state that served to affirm gender inequality in the society.

Q.2: A discussion of how life was in the past and how it is today with an elderly person

I sought to understand the changes that have occurred by discussing with my 94 years old grandmother who has seen significant transformation in all spheres of the US society to what it is today. The most remarkable thing according to her is the technological transformation that has completely changed the world. She explained that during her prime years, they used to queue in telephone booths to communicate with people from different locations. The fact that she can now communicate with her children and grandchildren from the comfort of her house is a reprieve due to its convenience and affordability. Besides, she notes that in the olden days, vehicles used to ply specific routes at certain times of the day. As such, you had to be there at the right time and catch the vehicle or postpone your travel. She is evidently appalled by the improved infrastructure and the many vehicles plying different routes. More shocking is the increased air travel due to the various airports in different cities that ease travel among people and the transportation of goods. She also points that the marriage institution has eroded from what it was some years back; a fact she attributes to weak social bonds. During her time, a man and woman would only court if they wanted to get married. The marriage institution was pure and children complimented the love relationship of a couple. She is shocked by the high divorce and separation rates experienced nowadays leading to a large number of single-parent families.













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