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The final assignment of the course is to “translate” your paper into a multimodal presentation with our class as the intended audience.  You will use both text and images to persuasively argue a claim related to your research project.  The goal here is to condense an argument from your essay into a brief and memorable visual presentation.  This gives you the opportunity to argue with images as well as words—an important skill in our increasingly visual world.

Pick one of these options for the translation:

PowerPoint or Google Slides project




  • The translation must make a central argument that is supported by evidence. [This could be your paper’s main claim or one of the reason statements.]
  • Use both text and images to present your ideas. [Still images only–no video clips.]
  • Images: Start searching for images through Creative Commons[see this week’s Blackboard information] instead of an “open” web search. If you absolutely cannot find good content this way, you may use copyrighted material with appropriate credit, but realize that may not be possible in a situation outside this class.  [Also feel free to use or make your own images.]
  • Incorporate some of the specific source evidence used in your research paper. [You need not attempt to include every main idea from your essay.  Instead, select the arguments and evidence that work best in a visual format.]
  • Make the presentation as visually engaging as possible:
  • Highlight important details with headings or color or images.
  • Use images that illustrate your ideas.
  • Relay information quickly—keep it short, but not too short. [Use bullet points or short phrases, not large blocks of text.]
  • Be professional, but also appeal to your specific audience—our class.


Translations will be evaluated on the following elements:


Minimum Requirements:

  • 1 main claim [Again, this could be your essay’s main claim or one of the reason statements.]
  • 3 pieces of supporting evidence [5 or more for an A]
  • 5 images that support or illustrate your ideas [7 or more for an A]
  • Cite all sources [including images] used in the translation on the last slide. MLA



  • Main claim is clearly communicated.
  • Uses both images and words [text and/or spoken narration] to make an argument.
  • Some key source evidence is communicated and clearly structured to support the claim.
  • Images and sources used in the translation are cited at the end. [Make your own, or find visual content through Creative Commons to avoid copyright complications.]


Visual Presentation:

  • Main points are emphasized visually in the translation.
  • The presentation is professional—with no spelling or grammar errors, and withcareful attention to detail.
  • The design is visually engaging. Use of color and layout of images and text are effective.



  • You present the information in a way that appeals to our class, but remains informative and professional.

On your citation slide/credits, include:

  • title or description of the image
  • the creator’s name [this may be a username]
  • if the media has a Creative Commons license or is in the public domain, note that [If some other license or copyright applies, say nothing.]
  • .url for the specific piece [CC search might make a long .url. The .url can be shortened as long as it links to the actual work.]

Cite sources from your essay as they appeared on your works cited or references list


Examples [format consistent with your citation style]:



“Blood-stained Floorboard.”  Jack Spades.  Public domain.



The Moment Before: Noise.  Julie Jordan Scott.  Creative Commons.

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