Follow Directions Closely and Answer Questions

Directions and questions are listed below

Be sure to write in complete sentences. Proofread your work. Number the questions, state the questions, and answer the questions. State the questions in BOLDFACE print or CAPITAL letters. You need at least FIFTEEN [15] sentences for each question. Cite your evidence, using APA format. [That means that you cite author, title of article or book, publication year and publication location.] Be sure to also include a BIBLIOGRAPHY at the END of this essay exam. When your opinion is requested, cite evidence to substantiate your claims. Ensure that your evidence is credible in all answers. You must answer ALL the questions. Some questions have sub questions to be aware! Your opinions are valued, I do NOT have to agree with you. Just state your opinion and state your position with credible evidence. This is how social conflict can END in this world. [Note that “The Rules for being Human”, “Revised Psychopathy Checklist” and “A Model for Desocialized Thinking” are ALL on BLACKBOARD for you! In addition, under “Course Materials” are documents about Marxism, Weber, Anomie, Comte, Spencer, etc. You can draw from additional readings as long as they are credible.

1. Apply three [3] points from “The Rules for being human” by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott to defining SOCIAL CHANGE. Be sure to cite a credible definition of “social change”.

2. Apply three [3] items from “Revised Psychopathy Checklist” by Dr. Aaron Beck to Max Weber’s idea of “spirit of capitalism”.

3. Apply “A model for desocialized thinking: critical consciousness” by Dr. Ira Shor to a lack of consciousness in this country. Pick a topic YOU believe in which there needs to be more regard for critical consciousness [critical transitivity].

4. Marxism is a method of socioeconomic analysis that views class relations and social conflict using a materialist interpretation of historical development and takes a dialectical view of social transformation. Apply Marxism to a] racial conflict in America; b] sexism in America AND c] policing in America. [Comment on the need for social change in ALL these areas of social conflict.]

5. Anomie is the condition in which society provides little moral guidance to individuals. As we learned in class, this can result in a conflict of belief systems. Emile Durkheim described “anomie” as “derangement” since he felt that desire without limit can never be fulfilled. In your opinion, what set of morals [ethics] do we need to instill in American society? Why? Substantiate your claims, reflecting on either the work of August Comte OR Herbert Spencer.

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