Final Project Research Paper

For the final project, you will propose a solution (e.g., a program, curriculum, policy, etc.) to address a specific issue related to inequality and diversity in education. You are free to be creative in what you focus your paper on as long as the goal is to improve equity in education. The total project is worth 75 points and includes a proposal (which will become part of your final paper) and a final paper.

Note that number of pages for each section are suggested, but you may go beyond these. Don’t forget to number your pages! See this sample paper. Please note the sample paper contains a section you are NOT required to do (convening a focus group). Please disregard this portion of the sample paper.

Your entire paper must be formatted following APA guidelines.

1. Title page, with title of project and your name (1 page, but this does not count toward your 8 -10 pages)

2. An abstract (this also does not count toward your 8-10 pages)

3. Overview, Background & Justification of Project/Discussion of Related Research (3-4 pages)

Describe your project
Describe WHY you chose to propose this project
Discuss HOW it addresses/relates to inequality and diversity
SUMMARIZE the research that supports your project and justifies the need for your project
4. Description of targeted group (half-1 page)

Who are you targeting and why?
Grades/ages, SES level, racial ethnic background, etc.
5. Goals & Desired Outcomes (1-2 pages)

What are your intended goals and outcomes? Be sure these relate to the educational problem you are addressing.
Describe the research that supports why your goals are important and why your project will help reach the goals/outcomes
Goals and outcomes should be specific, and should clearly relate to equity in education
6. Description of your proposed solution and timeline (3-4 pages)

Be specific about the elements of your solution
Use research articles to justify why you think your proposed solution will work
Include a general timeline for implementing your project (e.g., weekly/monthly steps) and reaching your goals
7. List all your references, APA style only

Criteria and Points
Discussion of educational issue you are addressing, with integration of research to support your issue (20 points)
1-4=Very little description of educational issue, not clearly tied to inequality, research not cited, primarily personal opinion

5-9=Some justification for educational issue, research mentioned

10-14=Some discussion of research, but evidence not clear, research not relevant

15-17=Research used well but some information missing, good justification/description of education inequality

18-20=Thorough justification and research clearly discussed and integrated

Description and specificity of targeted goals and outcomes, with research support (5 points) 1-2=goals mentioned but not clearly described, outcomes unclear; 3 – 4=missing some description of goals/outcomes; 4 – 5=goals and outcomes clearly described with good justification
Creativity/originality of proposed solution (5 points) 1-2=nothing new or original about proposed solution; 3-4=good ideas or combination of elements that is new; 4-5=solution includes some unique innovation
Design/description of solution, how/why it will address goals/outcomes; timeline (20 points)
1-4=Limited description of solution, not clearly tied to goals/outcomes, research not cited, primarily personal opinion, timeline missing

5-9=Some justification for how solution will address educational issue, research mentioned, timeline very broad

10-13=Some discussion of research supporting solution, but not clearly tied to goals/outcomes, research not always relevant, timeline missing some specifics

14-16=Research used well but some information missing, good justification/description of solution, clearly tied to goals/outcomes, good timeline

17-20=Thorough justification and research clearly discussed and integrated to support solution, timeline and elements of solution are detailed

Use of at least 8 appropriate articles/books (4 points) Points deducted for fewer than 8 articles/books and/or some of the resources are not research based (e.g., newspaper articles and web pages are not appropriate)
Following appropriate APA (Links to an external site.)throughout the paper, including list of References in APA style (6 points) Points will be deducted for errors in writing conventions, missing page numbers, errors in citations/references, failure to follow APA formatting

Please base this research paper after attached document “Keegan Riccobene Final Project Proposal”. You are welcome to even cut and paste parts from the proposal itself if you would like. Thank you!

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