Executive Level Action Plans for Government Contracting and Acquisition Policy and Procedures Changes

Executive Level Action Plans for Government Contracting and Acquisition Policy and Procedures Changes






Executive Level Action Plans for Government Contracting and Acquisition Policy and Procedures Changes

Action plans are essential in the planning of the course taken in the implementation of any project (Barrows & Neely, 2012). The following executive level action plan aims to provide a general format through which changes in acquisition procedures and policy in various governmental agencies can be carried out.  The plan outlines ways through which changes in acquisition policies and procedures are to be implemented. Moreover, it provides the strategic plan through which decisions regarding acquisition policies and procedures can be made effective and more efficiently.

Description of the Initiative Element Action performed Priority Date by which action should be effected. Comment
Alignment of the organisation and leadership Acquisition alignment with the mission and needs of the agency (Office of Management and Budget, 2005). 1.      Appropriate placing of acquisition functions.

2.      Clear definition and integration of responsibilities.

3.      Organization of acquisition functions for strategic operation.


A 31/03/2016  
Processes and policies a)      Strategic planning 1.      Partnerships with the internal organizations

2.      Assessment of the impact of external events and the internal requirements

B 15/04/2016  
b)      Effective management of process of acquisition 1.      Engaging and managing suppliers

2.      Promoting and ensuring accountability in financial matters

3.      Cross-functional teams empowerment

4.      Provision and monitoring oversight activities

A 15/04/2016  
c)      Steering success in the outcome of major projects 1.      Ensure a clear linkage between acquisition and strategic plans

2.      Performing a needs assessment regarding the mission of an agency (Office of Management and Budget, 2005).

3.      Use of knowledge-based approaches to acquisition

A 15/05/2016  
Human Capital a)      Strategic planning on human capital 1.      Workforce plan that reflects acquisition function needs

2.      Decisions on human capital that are determined by relevant data

3.      Proper monitoring of acquisition workforce skills

C 15/05/2016  
b)      Acquiring, retaining and developing talent 1.      Use of human capital approaches based on the needs of the organization

2.      Elimination of barriers to development of skilled acquisition


B 10/06/2016  
  c)      Investing and valuing acquisition workforce (Office of Management and Budget, 2005). 1.      Alignment of the agency with human capital to determine the roles of the latter group

2.      Commitment to the management of the human capital

A 15/08/2016  
Stewardship and Management of information a)      Integrity of data and operation maintenance 1.      Promoting stewardship of data

2.      Use of effective application and general controls

A 20/07/2016  
b)      Determination fo technology and data that aids in decisions regarding acquisition management 1.      Acquisition data tracking

2.      Processing of financial data into information

3.      Analysis of spending on  goods and services

A 20/07/2016  






Barrows, E., & Neely, A. (2012). Managing performance in turbulent times: Analytics and insight. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.

Office of Management and Budget (2005). Federal acquisition regulation. Government of the United States of America. Retrieved from

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