Exam 1, no specific title required

He book is “Terrible Magnificent Sociology by Lisa Wade”
Only include the first 4 chapters.

Your essay should be between 800-1000 words. That’s about 3-4 double-spaced pages using 12 pt Times New Roman Font with regular margins.
At the top of your essay, please write your name and below it the total word count for your essay. You can find this in Microsoft Word under the “Tools” heading. You do not need to include a title or any other information other than the essay itself.
You must upload a Microsoft word document file for your essay. Other file types may not be readable by instructors and thus may fail to receive a grade.
Your essay should have an Introduction and Conclusion, though these may be shorter than the other paragraphs in your essay.
Please doubles space your essay and use a reasonable font.
Your essay should have a thesis, which simply means a clearly articulated answer to the overall question that appears in the introduction of your essay and is reflected throughout.
Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence, and each paragraph should cover one main theme (not several unrelated ideas within a single paragraph).
DO NOT USE EXTERNAL SOURCES (anything outside of class) for your essay. If you do, that content will be excluded from the graded portion of your essay. If you copy or paraphrase external sources without proper citation, this will be considered plagiarism (see syllabus and course policy regarding academic dishonesty). If you are feeling stuck, don’t google: Instead, turn to the textbook, notes from class, or ask your instructors for help.
If you choose to quote the textbook, do so sparingly. You must include quotation marks around exact quotes and also include the page number from the textbook at the end of the quoted sentence, like this (p. 35).
Before you begin writing your essay, read the grading rubric to see how your essay will be graded based on: its thesis, content knowledge, supporting evidence, and organization and grammar.

One of the major assertions of sociology is that humans are fundamentally social creatures. Explain what this means using evidence from Chapters 1-4 of your textbook and class material as appropriate. Your essay should explore the ways in which our identities, beliefs, values, and interactions are socially constructed based on the cultures in which we live. You should make explicit and accurate reference to each of these sociological concepts [those in bold in the previous sentence]. please let me know if you need more info

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