Evaluation of Data for Teacher Evaluation

Analyze the information below and in the provided Case Study Data.
Compose your essay answer to the question prompt below. Your case study should be 2-4 pages in length.

Cite at least two references in your work using current APA formatting standards.

Based on your analysis of the provided case information and Case Study Data, what would you recommend the principal decide about the award of tenure or termination for the teacher involved? Provide a data-based, Scripturally-based, and research-supported rationale for your recommendation.
Parties: Principal and sixth-grade teacher in their third year (tenure review year) Demographics:
Traditional school organization·
Sixth grade is in the middle school group·
Sixth grade is self-contained·
Sixth grade is comprised of four sections of 20-25 students, heterogeneous groupings·
September through April-Observation Conference Tenets (September)·
Informal observations twice-weekly (grade-level chair)·
Formal observations monthly (principal)·
Skills focus:·
Time on task·
Questioning level·
Modality stimuli·
Verbal Zone·
Instructional Flow (formal observation)·
Pedagogical Interaction·

Precipitating Events: In year one and year two, the teacher averaged two student discipline referrals per day. After the teacher’s second year of teaching, it was determined that the teacher needed to be placed on a systematic intervention plan that included shadowing effective teachers, participation in clinical observation cycles, and engagement in professional development to address effective instructional strategies.

Using the data from monthly observations and the outcomes of the post-observation conferences as shown in the provided

Case Study Data, the principal must make a recommendation to the superintendent concerning the termination of employment, or the awarding of tenure for the teacher for the coming school year. There is no option of retaining the teacher if tenure is not awarded.

In a self-evaluation summary, the teacher states: “In the last three years, I have improved my teaching strategies and classroom management skills. I have learned to keep my lessons organized and to keep track of where my materials are. I learned to turn in my lesson plans on time and have begun to provide specific differentiation activities for the students. I have attended professional development sessions about differentiation and social studies. As a result, I believe that I should be awarded tenure and allowed to choose the level of my assignment from the vacancies that occur such that I can avoid further personality conflicts with the grade chair.”

Based on the outcomes of the intervention plan established by the principal and the grade-level chair, the clinical observations made by the principal, and the recommendation of the grade-level chair based on his informal observations, termination has been recommended.

Your task is to evaluate all of the data provided and to either agree with the termination recommendation or to provide support for tenure. You must support your recommendation with specific data analysis, research-based rationale, and Biblical principles. You should consider all of the observation data, but you may focus on four or five of them for your assignment. A data summary table would be appropriate for highlighting key data.

Must have scriptures as a reference as well as 2 other resources

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