European Archeology

Proposal and final paper. All papers must be double-spaced, with Times Roman 12 font. You will lose points if it is not. The marking template must also be submitted with it, but as a separate document with your name on it. Papers and the proposal must be handed in on time. A penalty of 10%/day will be assessed for all late papers and proposals. If you do not submit the proposal and it is not approved, you cannot do the paper.

Proposal (5% of final grade) The proposed topic must be in Word and submitted by email to the instructor. It should include a 1 paragraph summary of the proposed topic and 5 relevant bibliographic references that are primary sources. It should include on one page: title, student number, and one paragraph describing the topic and its importance to the study of European Prehistory.

A primary source is a source where someone has the done actual work on the topic. It is not a synthesis of the work. You can use secondary sources (syntheses), but you still need the required number of primary sources. Tertiary sources are textbooks, websites, newspaper, etc. Each must be briefly annotated (5 lines). The sooner you hand it in, the sooner the instructor can give you feedback.

The final paper (25%of final grade). The final paper should be no more than 10 pages of text in length (plus bibliography, tables and figures) and on a relevant topic. It must include at least 10 primary reference sources. Papers can be based upon a topic of your choice, but which must be approved by the instructor. I will be circulating a list of approved paper topics during the term. More about the paper will be discussed in class. The topic can be one of the following types:

a) A review of one of the major theoretical issues in European prehistory (e.g. origins of agriculture, Starčevo-Criș culture, etc.). It must include a comprehensive statement of the problem, history of research, methods of analysis, competing explanations, and a complete bibliography. A list of approved topics can be made available, but you should first try to select a topic on your own. The instructor must approve the choice of site.


b)A summary of a site report. In this case, the original report(s) of the excavation of a single site that has undergone extensive investigation will be reviewed, summarised, and examined for inconsistencies in the analysis. In addition, you should have a section on directions for future research at the site and why it should be returned to for further examination. The instructor must approve the choice of site.


c)Art project and accompanying paper – make something original and write a paper about it and the process of construction, including illustrations and bibliography Suggestions can
5include making stone tools, building a model of a Mesolithic campsite, etc. n. Please note that all work is to be completed independently unless otherwise specified. (ROASS 2.5.n.v)

Referencing (citation) Style Guidelines – American Antiquity, American Anthropologist, Journal of Archaeological Science, or any style similar standard academic style is acceptable. But, they must be consistently applied throughout.

All footnote styles are not acceptable for citations. Citations and bibliography must be in styles used by major Archaeology and Anthropology journals, such as Journal of Field Archaeology, American Antiquity, Journal of Archaeological Science, World Archaeology, etc. All are acceptable, but pages must be cited in text. Footnote citations style is NOT acceptable.

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