Ethics and Ecology (Topics in Religion course)

This is a short essay I need done before Friday. It is for a “Topics in Religion” course. My professor assigned me to read the article, “Animal Minds” published by The Economist. He wants me to create a topic based off of this article which will be the for the short essay using the documents I uploaded for you. These uploaded documents will simplify exactly how to write for my professor.
There is a template, as well as an example essay written by a student last year. You’ll see he did the same assignment, following the same template, while using a separate topic and source. Anyways…

Please read the article, “Animals Minds” published by The Economist. Then use the three files I uploaded as a guide when you create the topic and the essay itself. Below I give some details on the files:

(File 1) Short Essay Template:
The “Short Essay Template” is an outline with detailed instructions on how the essay needs to be written and most importantly, how it needs to be shaped.
-This is where the more detailed instructions are

(File 2,3) Example pg.1 and pg.2:
These two documents are the example essay (split in two parts). Please use this as a reference for what the final product should be. Also, use it to help you see how the topic should be placed within this essay.

-Be detailed similar to the example essay
-When the outline tells you to speak from a personal perspective please speak in a way that is not against the “Animal Minds” article because I personally agree with everything in the article.

-Also, you’ll see that in the “Essay Template” you will need to begin the essay introducing the article w/ the topic.. Following this you will have to use a quote from the article that helped your topic form.. Here is a quote I would like for you to create the topic out of (You are also welcome to find a better quote).
“No animals have all the attributes of human minds; but almost all the attributes of human minds are found in some animal or other.”

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