Episode of Care 2

The practice assessor and student will identify an appropriate episode of direct care involving caring for people with increasing complex health and social care needs [may be a single or a group of individuals depending on the care environment]. Professionalism underpins all aspects of the student’s performance. The aim of this assessment is to demonstrate the student’s progression in the following six platforms within the Future Nurse: Standards of Proficiency [including skills from Annexe A and B] [NMC 2018] in the context of their field of nursing: [NMC 2018] in the context of their intended field[s] of practice:

  • Promoting health
  • Assessing needs and planning care
  • Providing and evaluating care
  • Leading nursing care and working in teams
  • Improving safety and quality of care
  • Co-ordinating care.

Effective communication and relationship management skills underpin all aspects of care.

Students are required to use appropriate approaches and techniques considering the person’s motivation, capacity and need for reasonable adjustment, applying understanding of mental capacity and health legislation as appropriate. Learning outcomes.

The student is able to:

  1. Demonstrate and applies knowledge of a range of mental health and physical health conditions in the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of person-centred, evidence based care.
  2. Demonstrates understanding of the contribution of social influences, health literacy, behaviours and lifestyle choices to the mental health and physical health outcomes in people, families and communities.
  3. Demonstrate relevant knowledge in the prioritisation of care and is able to identify changes in a person’s condition and responds appropriately.
  4. Interact and engage confidently with families/carers and members of the multidisciplinary team in co-ordinating care for a small group of people [or in caring for an individual with complex care needs].
  5. Accurately undertakes risk assessments demonstrating understanding of risk management and health improvement strategies.

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