Environmental Health Discussion Essay

Carefully read and reflect upon the three questions below within the context of environmental health risks and disaster management.
Well-developed responses demonstrate synthesis and critical analysis of the relevant concepts and include original insights and/or inferences regarding how the knowledge informs nursing practice. Please use direct quotations sparingly, if at all. Paraphrasing (with supporting citations) is a viable alternative to the use of direct quotations and helps preserve the impact of your original thoughts and analysis.

Use 3-4 scholarly journal articles within 3 years to support your conclusions.
Use scholarly journal articles:
Provide citations within the body of your post to reflect where the sources influenced your writing (APA Format)
Provide a list of references for each of the sources cited within the body of your writing. You will need a separate page for the references, center References on the page, and arrange the references in ABC order. All references need to be in APA format

Respond to the following questions:

In what ways does the environment affect human health in the home, in the occupational setting, and in the community?
Identify the public health agencies involved in planning and responding to disasters at the local, state, and national levels. Discuss their role in facilitating effective preparedness planning, health restoration, or health recovery response to disasters.
Prepare an introductory paragraph to introduce the reader to your discussion topics, create a summarizing paragraph at the end of your discussion.

Sources to reflect paper on:
CDC National Center for Environmental Health
Read on Environmental Health Services, Safe Water, Natural Disasters, Climate and Health, Emergency Response, Air Quality
CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response
Read on Specific Types of Emergencies-bioterrorism, natural disasters and severe weather, radiation emergencies

Discussion #2 Checklist

Title page
Title of your discussion
Name of the university
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Due Date

Beginning and opening paragraph
Tell the reader what you are going to discuss. You will need to address that you will discuss how the home, occupational setting and the community environment affects human health. Then you will proceed with the public health agencies at the local, state, and national levels activity with planning and responding to disaster. Also, you will discuss their preparedness, health restoration, and health recovery to disaster.

You will need to develop separate paragraphs for each of the areas that are impacted by the environment. A separate paragraph for home, occupational setting, and community needs to be developed. You might consider adding an example to support your discussion. Then develop a paragraph where you discuss the planning and responding to disaster. Remember to address local, state, and national response to disasters. You may need separate paragraphs. Be sure that you address local, state, and national response to preparedness, health restoration, and health recover. Use each of your references to support your discussion. Remember to cite each reference in the body (discussion of your paper).

Closing paragraph
You will need to summarize what you discussed in your paper. This should be a few sentences.

Reference Page
The word Reference should be centered on the page. Arrange each of your references in ABC order. Remember that you need at least 3 scholarly references. Use APA with all your citation. Also remember to cite each article in the body (discussion) of your paper.

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