Environment Assessment Critique

EA Critique Instructions (Check the instructions in the attachments)


Part of the course requirements is the preparation and presentation to the class of a critique of an Environmental Assessment (EA). The purposes of this assignment are to review and become knowledgeable of an EA, assess the document with regards to compliance with the requirements of an EA, and to present a summary of the EA and your critique to the class.


1- Deliverables for the assignment include a short, written summary of the EA identifying the purpose and need, the proposed action, alternatives to the proposed action, major environmental issues, and techniques used in the environmental analysis. Where a decision has been made, summarize the selected alternative and any mitigation measures proposed.
2- Analyze the EA for general compliance with NEPA and the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations. This should be a high-level comparison indicating your knowledge of the basic requirements and if the document met those requirements. Consider listing strengths and weaknesses as a tool for learning for everyone.

Additionally, you will deliver a presentation of your critique 15 Slides.
You will write the full dialogue for each slide in the word file.
Presentations should last approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

In the attachments, you will find the Environment Assessment that you have to read carefully and do your critique on it. (Attachments: EA)

You have to write 10 pages Max. Do not exceed 10 pages including references and cover page and table of content.

You have to include all of topics mentioned in paragraph 2 and 3 above.

You have to write a heading and subheading for the critique. (Better to take my approval before starting)

You have to include this heading to your structure, Executive summary, introduction, Method, and including all heading and subheading that required and mentioned above…. Conclusion, References

You have to follow APA 7th style. Use many good references.

You have to mention the Use of and reference to the CEQ regulations. and from NEPA.

Your presentation must be attractive and has some figures and pictures with Headnotes and few sentences.

The written portion of the critique is expected to be not more than 10 pages inclusive of all lists, matrices, maps, graphics and references. The class presentation should last approximately 10 to15 minutes and should include visual aids. The use of graphics or other summaries is encouraged.

Please Read NEPA itself and CEQ.

Also read Course Textbook

Read Chapter 1 pgs. 1 to 20.
Read Chapter 4 (Eccleston) pgs. 83 to 103 and 107 to 109 (skip Chapter 4.4.13).
Search for potential EAs to critique and develop a short list of several candidates.
Read Chapter 4 (Eccleston) pgs. 109 to 127. Chapter 6.7 (Eccleston) pgs. 156-162.
Read Chapter 4 (4.4.13 p.103- 107) and Chapter 8.1.6 (Eccleston)


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