English 101: Research proposal


Assessment 01 Cover Sheet – CDG-4806 Final Project



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Capstone Final Project


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Total: 25% (Part A 15%, Part B 10%)



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This assessment will assess the following learning outcomes:


CLO 1. Research key trends and practices in media/design/communication industry.

CLO 2. Analyze the information collected and use (interpret) it in developing your project ideas.



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Marks Allocated         100
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PART A: Research & Project Proposal (15%)

You are required to write a project proposal which integrates skills from multiple media areas (i.e. graphic design, multimedia and/or web design), to solve an existing media need for a company/personal project in the local environment.

Your choice of project should not be bound to traditional project delivery but should be sustainably flexible for implementation. Source existing projects that requires a media need and solution of which will require using skills from a variety of media specializations such as graphic design, multimedia, web design, photography, illustration and journalism. Create a project proposal for the identified need.


Project Description

Describe what your project will be about (content) and what it will look like (form). This should be as clear as possible and allow the reader of the documents to get a firm understand of the proposed work in a few sentences (1500+ word support by image/examples).


The proposal should include the following titles:


  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Brief History
  • Identification of need/s
  • Solution to the need/s description of the project
  • Components of the project
  • Existing examples
  • Timeline and project delivery
  • Conclusion and references (APA style)


Carry out research of key trends and industry practices, gathering as much written and visual information needed to help design your end product (output), then analyze this information to guide your project development and execution.

Your research should include an investigation of case studies, ideas and theories (minimum of 4 readings) that have influenced your project, showing a comprehensive and in-depth analysis and understanding of design, innovation and technology.


Research questions and interrogation should include:

  • Mind map/brainstorming of your project (topic/problem, your skills, project execution, )
  • State-of-the-art creativity / design in your project topic area
  • Competition, industry trends and market leaders
  • An understanding of your project’s context, market and environment
  • Appropriate images that will assist your designing
  • Reference anything you will use for your research

Please Note: All images from the Internet should be high resolution and clean, and all material should be A.P.A referenced.


Safe Assign should not exceed 20% to be accepted for Assessment. Provide a copy of the Safe Assign report together with your submission.


Your research should also be documented in a Visual Diary, (submitted as a scanned digital PDF copy). A logbook template will be given to you.


  • Brainstorm/sketches. What are the key ideas behind the project?
  • How you will visualize your ideas?
  • Scan all sketches and include in your report


PART B: Project Management /Cost Estimates (10%)

Based on the project proposal, you need to create a detailed project plan to complete your project.


Detailed project planning is required to allow you to understand the phase of your work. As part of the graduation project, you will need to research, read articles/books, watch video, talk to service bureau or third party how your work will be produced.

Detailed Plan of your final project including the following:

  • Timeline
  • Your project activities/tasks to achieve the goals
  • Project duration
  • Resources used to implement the project
  • Suppliers
  • Components (number of Components)
  • What you changed in the project?
  • Budget
  • Online Diary (what you have done so far?)
  • 800 words

Work plan and schedule

  • Use project management software (MS Project, Gantt Project or Excel)
  • Prepare a detailed project plan from concept to delivery
  • Use of GANTT chart and SWOT analysis

The plan should include, at least:

  • Tasks, WBS, Milestones
  • Deadlines for reviews / approvals / decisions
  • Contingencies for unanticipated delays or interruptions in

Media / technology

  • Outline how you will build / make the project output and the type of media you will

Budget and finances

  • You budget should be detailed with proper realistic quotes from suppliers (3x different quotes required)

Submission requirements

  • BBL uploaded softcopy – ZIPPED (1x zip file containing):

Part A: Research paper in PDF (all images & sketches should be embedded within PDF H0012345_Firstname_Lastname_Part_A.PDF

  • Part B: Project Management files complied into PDF (all charts, SWOT within PDF). H0012345_Firstname_Lastname_Part_B.PDF
    • Logbook in H0012345_Firstname_Lastname_logbook.PDF
    • Softcopy via USB, email or WeTransfer will not be accepted
    • ZIP all files zip
  • DATE: TBA / TIME: No later than 11:59

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