English 101


Choose ONE question and type at least a paragraph [4-5 sentences] to respond to it. You may leave the other two questions blank. If you need to refer back to any readings, check Apex or ask your teacher for assistance. When you have completed this assignment, submit it through Google Chat.

  1. Read the following excerpt from Winston Churchill’s “Their Finest Hour” speech:

Here is where we come to the Navy — and after all, we have a Navy. Some people seem to forget that we have a Navy. We must remind them. For the last thirty years I have been concerned in discussions about the possibilities of oversea invasion, and I took the responsibility on behalf of the Admiralty, at the beginning of the last war, of allowing all regular troops to be sent out of the country. That was a very serious step to take, because our Territorials had only just been called up and were quite untrained. Therefore, this Island was for several months particularly denuded of fighting troops. The Admiralty had confidence at that time in their ability to prevent a mass invasion even though at that time the Germans had a magnificent battle fleet in the proportion of 10 to 16, even though they were capable of fighting a general engagement every day and any day, whereas now they have only a couple of heavy ships worth speaking of — the Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau. We are also told that the Italian Navy is to come out and gain sea superiority in these waters. If they seriously intend it, I shall only say that we shall be delighted to offer Signor Mussolini a free and safeguarded passage through the Strait of Gibraltar in order that he may play the part to which he aspires. There is a general curiosity in the British Fleet to find out whether the Italians are up to the level they were at in the last war or whether they have fallen off at all.

Analyze the effectiveness of this excerpt. How does it function within the speech as a whole? How does the structure of the excerpt help to convey the speech’s purpose and arguments? Support your argument with evidence from the speech. [10 points]

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  1. Explain how Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein conveys themes relating to the Industrial Revolution. In particular, analyze her choices in setting, plot, and characterization. How do these choices further these themes? Support your answer with evidence from the novel. [10 points]

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  1. Read the following excerpt from Joseph Chamberlain’s “The True Conception of Empire”:

You can not have omelettes without breaking eggs; you can not destroy the practises of barbarism, of slavery, of superstition, which for centuries have desolated the interior of Africa, without the use of force; but if you will fairly contrast the gain to humanity with the price which we are bound to pay for it, I think you may well rejoice in the result of such expeditions as those which have recently been conducted with such signal success in Nyassaland, Ashanti, Benin, and Nupé — expeditions which may have, and indeed have, cost valuable lives, but as to which we may rest assured that for one life lost a hundred will be gained, and the cause of civilization and the prosperity of the people will in the long run be eminently advanced. But no doubt such a state of things, such a mission as I have described, involves heavy responsibility. In the wide dominions of the queen the doors of the temple of Janus are never closed, and it is a gigantic task that we have undertaken when we have determined to wield the scepter of empire. Great is the task, great is the responsibility, but great is the honor; and I am convinced that the conscience and the spirit of the country will rise to the height of its obligations, and that we shall have the strength to fulfil the mission which our history and our national character have imposed upon us.

Analyze the author’s word choices and use of language in this excerpt. How do they suggest that the speaker holds an imperialistic attitude? Be sure to include specific examples from the excerpt to support your answer. [30 points]

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