Empiric Knowing and Create Meaning

This week’s content introduced essential components that contribute to the development of empiric knowledge in the nursing discipline. This week also addressed how we go beyond words and create meaning. Using the assigned readings and your professional experience as a starting point, answer the following:
1. In chapter 7, Chinn and Kramer provide four definitions from the nursing literature that emphasize different perspectives and different underlying values that involve nursing theory. Add to this list by identifying an additional definition from the nursing literature that expands your understanding of the definition of theory. In your response provide a direct quote from the source, and then paraphrase the direct quote into your own words.
2. Identify a word that has a common meaning when used in the context of nursing (e.g., hypothermia). After you identify the word, explain how everyday direct and indirect experiences shape perceptions (create meaning) of what the word means to the discipline.

– APA 7 format
– Up to 3 references (articles provided)
– Textbook: (the textbook MUST be used along with the articles)

Chinn, P. L., & Kramer, M. K. (2018). Knowledge Development in Nursing (10th ed.). Elsevier Mosby. ISBN-13: 978-0323530613


Number of sources up to 3, as per guidelines. The textbook by Chinn and Kramer is a must, it has to be used and then the other 2 articles. I’m sending this message because somehow I’m seeing 0 source listed in the page order. It should be up 4 total. Thank you

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