Effective Reading Teachers

  1. In an opening paragraph, summarize the attributes and underlying beliefs of a diagnostic approach to assessing and teaching reading.

    2. Explain what effective reading teachers pay attention to in their classroom.

    A. What are the most important things that teachers should watch for in their students as they read, and as they talk about reading?
    B. When teaching any lesson focused on a reading, what should the teacher be doing to make the text accessible to the students?
    C. Use the information in the course readings to create an observational checklist that is tailored specifically to your classroom setting, and designed for use with a lesson focused on a reading. This might be a reading for science, social studies, health, art, music, or it might be a fictional piece.
    D. Paste your checklist into this paper.
    E. Justify specific items on the checklist that especially address areas where you would like to improve.

    3. Researchers describe three dimensions of reading: affective, cognitive, and perceptual. Traditionally, teachers focus on comprehension problems [cognitive domain] and word knowledge, and phonics problems [perceptual domain]. Describe reader behaviors that would signal a cognitive problem. Next, describe reader behaviors that would signal a perceptual one.

    A. Unlike the other two domains, the affective domain has often been downplayed in reading diagnosis, yet current research stresses its importance. Describe at least two affective behaviors that would correspond to a proficient reader. Then describe at least two reader behaviors that would signal problems that fall under the affective domain, and suggest things that teachers can do to address these problems. Be sure to cite and reference sources to support your views.

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