Materials Analysis #: Morphology & Syntax.
This analysis focuses on Morphology & Syntax. Choose pedagogical materials related to the analysis theme, intended for either teachers or students. These can be books, workbooks, recordings of classes, activity descriptions, lesson plans, YouTube videos, websites, etc. They can be for teaching English or any other language of your choice. You must submit a copy of or a link to these materials when you submit your analysis.
Describe the materials in your own words [1 page max.] in terms of the part that you are closely analyzing while answering the following questions:
What are these materials intended to teach students or teachers?
What linguistic issues do they address and how are these connected to the theme?
Conduct a linguistic analysis of one [1] of your chosen materials [2 pages min.].

Identify at least three [3] specific features of language addressed in these materials. Describe them in detail using linguistic terminology and notation.
Describe the linguistic and cultural background for a hypothetical student or teacher, including age, education level, proficiency, languages spoken, literacy, etc. [This hypothetical student or teacher can be yourself.] What in your materials do you anticipate the student/teacher will be able to do or understand easily? What will they have difficulty with? Why? Support your claims with linguistic evidence [be sure to appropriately use quotations and indicate page numbers if you use specific phrases from the readings].

Identify two [2] ways you could improve these materials either for your hypothetical student/teacher or in general. What would you add or remove? What would you present differently? Why? Support your suggestions with linguistic evidence.
Make a connection between the materials and pedagogy/practice [1 page max.].

In what contexts and for what purposes could you use these materials in the future?
What additional questions or concerns about these materials do you have as a teacher?

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