ECON7200 – Semester 2, 2021 Individual Project

Write an essay between 800 and 1200 words [excluding references], consisting of three tasks:

  1. Read and summarize the following article:
    • Malkiel, G. [2012]. The Efficient-Market Hypothesis and the Financial Crisis. In A. S. Blinder, A.
  1. Loh, and R. M. Solow [Eds.], Rethinking the Financial Crisis, Russell Sage Foundation, New York.
  1. Explain the efficient market hypothesis [EMH], behavioral finance, and their relevance in explaining asset price
  2. In the end of the article, Malkiel concluded that“EMH and behavioral finance should not be considered as competitive models”.

Discuss how he reached this view, and discuss your view on this statement.

Criteria and Marking:

The total mark for this assignment is 30, which consists of the following criteria:

  • Article summary [4 marks]
  • EMH and behavioral finance [6 marks]
  • Discuss the author’s view [10 marks]
  • Writing Quality [5 marks]
  • Presentation [2 marks]
  • Reference [3 marks]

In the Writing Quality criterion, your writing style, essay flow and grammar/spelling will be examined. The Presentation criterion includes various details such as document format, identification and compliance of word limit. In addition, there are some general points to consider:

  • Your essay must have a cover page detailing your ID and word
  • Remember to give a total word count [excluding references] on the cover
  • You cannot use any bullet points in explanation or
  • Any reference style is allowed, but it must be consistent [i.e. same style throughout the essay].
  • You cannot cite Wikipedia or
  • If graphs/figures are used, remember to quote the
  • Use academic writing style and not creative writing
  • Do not plagiarize! It will be dealt with very seriously in UQ and is simply not worth


Each student should submit a Word or PDF file through the Turnitin link on the Blackboard course website. Submission through email will not be accepted. All submissions will be run through the Turnitin anti-plagiarism software.

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