DQ 3

WEEK 6 DQ #3: Wedding & Corsini (2014)

Wedding, D. & Corsini, R. (2014). Current Psychotherapies
(10th ed.) ~ Chapter 7: Cognitive Therapy.

Wedding, D. & Corsini, R. (2014). Case studies in
psychotherapy (7th ed.) ~ Chapter 6: Cognitive Therapy & An Interview with a Depressed & Suicidal Patient.


1. Identify and describe three strengths of this approach.
2. Identify & describe one limitation of this approach.
3. What are the fundamental skills used to form a therapeutic relationship and alliance with the client? Name 2 counselor characteristics necessary for positive client outcomes.
4. How does this approach use clinical evaluation, diagnostic interviews and assessment?
5. What tools would you use for crisis intervention?
6. What interventions would assist with diverse populations?
7. Identify, describe, define (with a reference) three concept /terms associated with this approach (i.e.- therapeutic alliance, transference, resistance…).
8. What specific tools would this approach use for screening for aggression, substance abuse, addiction, gambling, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, suicide/homicide ideation/intent, self-injury (cutting), eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, sexual problems, or family history that would be helpful in a clinical assessment?
9. Write an example of a measurable goal you would set for a client using this approach



  1. Borders by Thomas King

Need direct quotes from “Borders,” by Thomas King, doesn′t have to be a whole lot but a decent amount.
5 page essay….a) intro to the topic — b) brief background on subject — c) thesis (answer to the question) d) 3 points to support your thesis.
Base essay off of one of these questions (can do two if you can′t do a 5 page essay off of one question)
1) The title of the story is ″Borders,″ where are the borders in the story itself?
2) Explain the role of the media in the outcome of the story.
3) Why Laetita′s mom dress so that she doesn′t ″look American″ at the border?
4) What is the difference between identity and nationality?
5) Why is it so important that King shows both sides of the crossing wanting a nationality?

Its MLA format, only need to cite the story you quote. My class is Native American Indian Writers, the book we’re reading & where you can find “Borders” is called Nothing But The Truth
An Anthology of Native American Literature

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