Does electronic media use in children and young adults impair cognitive development?

Electronic screen media such as television, phone and computer apps, and computer games are ubiquitous in western society and increasingly available to our children from a younger age. It is not uncommon to pick up a newspaper or magazine and read editorials or articles that discuss questions such as “Should children under 2 years of age be allowed to watch TV?” “How much screen-time is too much?” or “How do I detach my teen from their phone?” These are value-laden questions and newspaper and magazine articles are often based on the journalist’s opinion as much as they are on “research”. There is often an assumption that all electronic media are bad for you and are bad for every aspect of development, at every age and bad in the same way. As Scientist-Practitioners we know that the answer to questions like these can be found in the research literature but the answer to seemingly simple questions is not often simple itself.
Hence the question: Does electronic media use in children and young adults impair cognitive development?

Word limit of 1200 (+/-99 words). APA7 format. Other formatting is not important / can be altered by myself.

4 starter reference if needed:

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Essay must have at least 4 more reference from the above references.
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