Discussion Questions


I attached some screen captures from my book.
you must take a little information from the book and also make up a personal reaction on the topic.

Your reaction paper should follow APA guidelines, with an intro, body and conclusion. Your reaction paper will include the following about a minimum of three concepts discussion in the chapter

Your personal reaction which will identify feelings you experienced as a result of the chapter or specific concepts discussed in the readings, a clear and supported hypothesis of its origins development and connection to course Identifies feeling(s), has a clear and supported hypothesis about its origins, development and connection to course.
Professional reaction- which will include a demonstration of your understanding of knowledge prior knowledge, impressions and misconceptions. Be sure to use relevant skills, course knowledge, and specific quotations from the text to summarize your professional reaction.
The significance – Be sure to describes local and wider importance. Provide some explanation of why the topic of issue is important to more than the immediate group.


Discussion question reply – Project Staffing

At the end of our textbook, in appendix “A” (see attached), there are plans for a Vehicle Maintenance Facility. Our textbook indicated that the total project duration was approximately 270 calendar days. Based on your personal experience and the reading from the chapter so far, how would you staff the project and why. An extreme example would be to put a senior project manager, 2 project managers, an assistant project manager, project engineer, a senior superintendent, 2 superintendents, a foreman and 6 laborers. Don’t forget to describe why you picked the team you did.


Dawkin’s Paper

The Greatest Show on Earth Papers (Dawkins Papers) should be typed in font of Arial with a font size of 12 and double-spaced with 1-inch margins.
Each chapter should be summarized in a minimum of two pages. So, Dawkins Paper 1 should be at least 6 pages in length (Chs. 1,2,3).
These papers should be written without quotes and absolutely no plagiarism!
The purpose of these papers is to demonstrate a written understanding of the topics of Richard Dawkins’ book: The Greatest Show on Earth.
These are NOT opinion papers. Students should summarize the scientific content of this book in their own words.
If any of these papers are turned in late for any reason, you will receive a 40% deduction.
Refer to the When Assignments are Due folder, located within the Course Overview module, for the due dates for all assignments, including the Dawkins papers.
All papers are required to use the APA title page format.
Students are required to provide chapter titles with the corresponding chapter numbers which should be bolded.

Physical and logical security

I need a presentation that is full of info graphics about the importance of physical security and logical security in relation to the Cybersecurity world, with statistics if possible

Discussion on Accounting Standards

There is an ongoing debate on which is better, rules-based or principles-based accounting standards. In financial accounting and reporting, a major goal in standards setting is to achieve an environment where financial statements accurately and faithfully reflect and communicate a company’s financial condition, and that financial reporting is comparable from one company to another. Is this best achieved with a comprehensive set of rules defining many situations and how to account for them? Would it be better to use objectives or principles as standards? Are too many rules overly complex or easily manipulated? Or is there more room for manipulation if applying principles is left up to management?

Refer to pages 16-17 in the textbook for an introduction to the topic, and then briefly research online further so you have a firm understanding of the differences between rules-based accounting standards and principles-based accounting standards.  (you will find many hits with a Google search).

After you have done your research, formulate an opinion on which you think might produce the most faithful financial statements, which is better for US companies, and why you think that. Then write a brief essay (2-3 short paragraphs) answering the following questions:

  1. Brieflyexplain the differences between rules-based and principles-based accounting standards.
  2. What is your opinion on which would produce the most faithful financial statements?
  3. Provide at least two reasons to back up your opinion.

After  you have answered these questions clearly and in essay format, please comment on at least one classmate’s post. The best responses are thoughtful, show that you have considered the topic, relate your similar experience, provide advice or guidance, respectfully agree or disagree and explain why, or otherwise further the discussion in a constructive way.

Do not repeat the questions in your response.


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