Discussion questions /Reflection reading

Answer all discussion questions follow all directions below

Discussions are due OCT 26, 2021

Week 8 Discussion – Assessment


After exploring the readings for this week please engage in discussion in two ways:

1] Share a response to the following prompts:

  • How are you thinking about assessment differently?
  • In your ideal world, what would assessment look like and what would be its purpose?

2] Think about what is missing from the readings.

What challenges, perspectives, or frameworks would you like to know more about?

Do some independent research and locate at least one article or resource related to grading and/or assessment.

Share your findings and reflect on how you plan to implement what you’ve discovered and learned in your classroom.


Week 8 Discussion – Tech Tools


Click through some of the tech tools offered in the slidedeck from this week and explore what you might find useful in your classroom.

How will your personality, values, and poses as an educator come through in your use of technology?

Which tools showcase who you are and what you center in your classroom?

Additionally, explore to see if there are tools that I left out or tools you think would better serve your work as an educator and co-learner. Share what you find and why you find it valuable.

Use this discussion space to process and share any thoughts, recommendations, goals, visions, questions, and challenges you are holding when it comes to technology in the ELA classroom.

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