Discussion Post Questions

Critical thinking

Topic: Trace one of the recurring images/motifs in Whitman’s “When Lilacs . . .” How does the symbolism work in this poem? Why, in other words, does Whitman use the symbols he chooses to use? Such motifs or symbols are the bird (a thrush), the lilac, April, the great Western star, the motifs of journeying, etc.”

Writing Assignments: 750-1000 word essays. These papers should examine a question, image, argument, contradiction, or connection that catches your attention. Two research sources, not including the text itself, will be required when noted on the assignment sheet. These papers are exercises in critical thinking. They should do substantially more than discuss why you like or do not like a particular text. MLA will be the required citation style.

Healthcare Case Study

Please see attached case study and template. — No abstract necessary!

Please complete and submit your fertility case study by the end of the week.
Case Study Requirements
As each of you complete the case studies please be sure you are addressing the following in each of your responses:
Assess the risks involved in the situation and discuss the ethical implications (and/or legal implications)
Provide a rationale on the steps you chose for your resolution.

Identify the major ethical and/or legal issue(s) in the scenario
Identify all those invested in the outcome (e.g. family members, patient, doctors, hospital administration, policy makers, etc.)

Identify one action plan to resolve the issue(s) – with proper literature support
Discuss your personal reaction to the scenario

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