Discussion Essay

For the Assignment, thoroughly answer each question at the end of the case.  Please use the following expectations, requirements, and guidelines.


  1. Summary: Present a short summary of the case.  This is typically a few sentences or a paragraph.  Summaries should not be more than one page and should not be a significant part of your word count.
  2. Format & Analysis: Thoroughly answer the questions one at a time. Begin your answer by copying the question in bold. Do not copy the entire case, just copy the questions.
    1. The question-and-answer format will not be in APA format
    2. Use APA format for your writing style and writing conventions as well as the references list and the in-text citations to the references.
    3. The cases are of varying lengths. This is a general guide as your discussion has to be as long as it needs to be to present a paper that is thorough, well thought out, and demonstrates a graduate-level depth of critical thinking and analysis.  The majority of the cases will require 3 to 5 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, to receive a passing grade. (The questions and references page are not a part of the word count.)
  3. References: Include a minimum of four (4) appropriate academic references. The same reference may be cited more than once but will only count as one reference. The references should be listed at the end of the paper, in the references section as per APA standards.  The minimum references for each Post include: (1) Knapp, M. (2018). Contemporary auditing: Real issues and cases, 11th ed. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning and (2) Journal articles assigned from course
  1. Greiner, A., Kohlbeck, M. J., & Smith, T. J. (2017). The relationship between aggressive real earnings management and current and future audit fees. Auditing: A Journal Of Practice & Theory36(1), 85-107. doi:10.2308/ajpt-51516
  2. Liu, L., Xie, X., Chang, Y., & Forgione, D. A. (2017). New clients, audit quality, and audit partner industry expertise: Evidence from Taiwan. International Journal Of Auditing21(3), 288-303. doi:10.1111/ijau.120
  3. Lu, L. Y., Wu, H., & Yu, Y. (2017). Investment-related pressure and audit risk. Auditing: A Journal Of Practice & Theory36(3), 137-157. doi:10.2308/ajpt-516


  1. 2 – Peer-reviewed academic business or accounting journal articles published within seven (7) years of the course start date
    1. Any books, textbooks, court cases, or authoritative literature you reference should be in addition tothe 2 required articles (peer-reviewed academic business or accounting journal articles).
  1. Faith: Integrate a faith component (including a direct quote of the passage and book, chapter, verse, translation citation) into your post.
    1. Include a complete explanation of how the scripture applies to the content of the case or the content of your answer.
    2. Do not just insert a scripture into the paper without an explanation.
    3. Note: The Bible should not be included in the references list.  It is considered a classical work so you only include the book, chapter, verse, and translation in the citation in the body of the text, for example: (John 3:16, NKJV).
  2. Length: Make sure you meet the minimum word count for the Post.  The cover page, summary, questions, and references page are not a part of the word count.

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