Discussion 06

There are 5 threaded discussions during the 8 week online course schedule. (6 – including the extra credit student introduction.) Each threaded discussion is worth a total of twenty (20) points each. Therefore you must participate in five (5) threads to earn your 100 points. All the chapters have three (3) threaded discussion question in a chapter grouping, you only need to pick and answer one question to receive your twenty (20) points. How do you receive a full twenty (20) points per threaded discussion? First: Pick the question, and research your answer, locating two (2) research sources or more. You may use the textbook as one source, in which you must note the page from which you received your research. The second source can be an internet article etc. After responding to the question, (40 or more words) list your resources at the bottom of your completed thread. Your initial response is worth a total of ten (10) points, and by responding to two or more other students in the thread, you will receive the additional ten (10) points, with a total of twenty, (20) for your threaded discussion participation. No additional research is needed when doing your student responses/threads. Each threaded discussion closes on each of the five (5)Fridays, no later than 11:59 PM, PST. (Pacific Standard Time) Note: if you do all your threaded participation on Fridays, your points will be altered for lack of online weekly community involvement. Complete your question/research early in the week, Wednesday, as a good rule, to avoid the late participation penalty. It is strongly recommended that you copy and paste, your composed threaded answer, to your computer, prior to submitting it. Don’t lose your work. 120 points total. (Including Extra Credit)Pick one question to answer below. Feel free to reply to other entrepreneur students, by choosing any of the given questions. Don’t limit your learning. Get Active! DiscussionRubric[1].docx Download DiscussionRubric[1].docx

Select a Topic, and Go, please.

6.3. Service and Product Planning
Discuss the differences in writing a business plan for a service business and a manufacturing business.

6.1. Inventors Versus Investors
Discuss the fundamental differences in how an inventor and investor view a business plan. How can a business plan be formulated that will address both perspectives?

6.2-6.4. Help with Writing a Business Plan
Suppose you are an entrepreneur who needs to write a business plan, but your writing skills are poor. Discuss resources you would use to assist you in putting together a good plan.

Discipline: Entrepreneurship. Small Business Management 17th Edition by Justin G. Longenecker, J. William Petty, Leslie E. Palich, Frank Hoy. I can not send the two students post because I need to submit mine first

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