Disaster Case Paper

During Module 2, you will be learning about the various disciplines of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, communications, response, and recovery. You will also be reading a number of disaster case studies during this module from the EPS text. For this paper, you are being asked to apply one of each of the emergency management disciplines to one of the case studies and explain how applying this discipline would have improved emergency management. A completed paper should have selected five cases and each one should have one of the five disciplines applied to it. Do not repeat cases or disciplines in the writing of your paper. Do not merely summarize the case, but rather apply your understanding of the discipline to the case. A complete assignment should be between 10 and 15 double-spaced pages. The Disaster Case Paper will be submitted to me by Dropbox.

The Disaster Case Paper is based upon four categories: analysis and rhetoric, linkage to learning objectives, responsiveness, and mechanics. Analysis and rhetoric is based upon how well you fully flesh out the five cases and their linkage to the five disciplines of emergency management. Linkage to learning objectives requires that your Disaster Case Paper clearly link to at least three of the key learning objectives from the course. Responsiveness requires that your Disaster Case Paper meets the minimum criteria in length, 10 pages. Mechanics requires that you write a paper that is free of grammatical errors. You can refer to the Disaster Case Paper Rubric which is found within the Getting Started Module for more specific details on grading criteria. The Disaster Case Paper is worth 50 points.

Instructions for writer:
Under additional materials, I have copied and pasted the second chapter of the textbook into a word document. You will need to access the rest of the textbook via my kindle library. I rented an e-book for the semester. Email me for login.

Emergency Management and Social Intelligence. Epstein, Pawar, Simon

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