Dirt! The Movie

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Length and Detail – observe a 200-word minimum (in total) with adequate length and detail for each response


  1. Check out the documentary Dirt! The Movie
  2. Based on what you learned from the movie, answer the following questions :
    1. Why is dirt considered living?
    2. Explain how a small “lens” of soil leftover from the glaciers can result in a large old-growth forest.
    3. Explain how the fungus mycelium makes dirt in a forest.
    4. What happened in the back of Clyde’s pickup truck while he was in the hospital?
    5. How are animals like cows essential to the formation of dirt?
    6. Give three examples of practical applications of the mud/dung mixtures.
    7. Los Angeles is mostly covered in concrete and pavement. What happens to the water that falls on the city?
    8. Explain the relationship between dirt, desertification, and conflict.
    9. How do monocultures relate to the Dust Bowl of the 1930s?
    10. Why does the use of pesticides and herbicides become necessary with monocultures?
    11. How does the use of nitrogen fertilizers result in dead zones in bodies of water?
    12. If the agroecology methods used successfully in Burkina Faso were duplicated in Ethiopia, how productive could the country be?
    13. How does the root system of an annual plant such as wheat compare to the root system of a perennial plant?
    14. What is the relationship between the diversity of plant root systems and erosion?
    15. Give two benefits of planting a “green roof”.
    16. Compare the types of landscapes children in urban settings use to play with those found in the rural villages of India.
    17. How long did it take to compost the liquid fish waste into usable soil?
    18. What are possible applications of the microbial fuel cells?
    19. The movie ends with examples of how working with the soil of the Earth can change someone’s life.  Describe two of these examples.
    20. After going through the video, do you think Florida’s soils are healthy? Explain your response.

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