Culminating Assignment- Healthcare Issue and Analysis Paper

Health care issue and analysis paper
Choose ONE of these topics:

  • Health Workforce Shortages
  • COVID-19 Mask Requirement
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Oral Health
  • Legalization of Marijuana

Culminating Assignment
This is a multifaceted assignment centered on students’ identification of an issue of importance. This assignment includes an overview and background of the issue, identified stakeholders, discussion on the role of the nurse in relation to the scope of practice, and the role of nurse advocates. Lastly, a discussion of the option to address the issue.
The purpose of this assignment is to increase awareness on a specific topic and how it relates to policy. When looking at policy, most topics have two-perspectives. There are always two-sides. When nurses are advocating for change, they must understand both sides in order to advocate.

Prepare a policy paper that includes an overview & background, stakeholders, a proposed policy action, alternatives, and recommendations.
• Overview, Background, & Stakeholders: What is the background of this issue? Exploring the background of the issue puts the problem in context and clarifies and specifies. The background should include an examination of social, economic, ethical, legal, and lastly political factors that impact the issue. Stakeholders are the parties who have a stake in the outcome of the issue debate. Stakeholders might include policy makers with specific proposals related to the issue, individuals or groups who might be potentially affected by the issue, and special interest groups. Address the role of the nurse in relation to scope of practice and our role as advocates.
• Policy, Options, and Alternatives: This section discusses the current policy approach and explains proposed options. It should be fair and accurate while convincing the reader why the policy action proposed is the most desirable. To do this, you will have to do your Explore options presented by politicians, stakeholders, interest groups, concerned citizens etc. You might want to include pilot projects that have been implemented or grassroots efforts. For some issues, you may even look at what other countries or governments have tried. Don’t forget to analyze the “do nothing” option as there might be strong pressure to maintain the status quo. All of your options and alternatives must be supported with evidence or references. Do not make up an option that has not been discussed or base an option only on your subjective opinion, unless you can support your idea with evidence and references from valid sources.
• Evaluation of Options and Alternatives: Based on the options identified, what are the pros and cons. Based on the comparison of options, identify the most effective and feasible solution. Provide a short rationale for why this option is best.

Paper Format:
• APA 7th Format [include title page, bold headings throughout, in-text citations, reference page, introduction and conclusion, Times New Roman 12 point font, double spaced]
• A minimum of 6 Medical scholarly references, not older than 5 years
– Sample papers are attached

This book may be used in addition to the Medical journals/articles:

Mason, D.J., Gardner, D.B., Outlaw, F.H., & O’Grady, E.T. [2016]. Policy and politics in nursing and healthcare [7th Ed]. Saunders Elsevier.

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